Seeing God’s Face in the Stars

Seeing God's Face
My middle child and I lay with our heads pressed together on one pillow cherishing the rare, uninterrupted time. Our hearts reached out to each other as we talked of God. The Milky Way sparkled above us, the Big Dipper was trying to catch the sun that had disappeared over the mountain, and a shooting star darted by.

This creative child asked question after question regarding our Lord and our lives. Many times I just had to say, “I don’t know, we’ll have to ask when we get there.”

She shot out another volley of questions I could not answer, then stopped and gazed silently upward. She cuddled closer and said, “Oh never mind, I’ll ask God when I get there.”

I felt grateful that my little seven-year-old worrier was confident of her heavenly destination.

“Actually,” she interrupted my thoughts, “I sometimes think that I won’t have to ask God anything…” another star-loaded pause, “…sometimes I think that when I see His face, I will just understand sooo much! I mean, He is God. I think when I just look at Him, I will be able to see so many things and I’ll just, you know, SEE the answers!”

My stunned mind regarded the wonder of that statement. Who in the world could come up with a thought like that? How did she decide that God’s face was so full of information? How did she imagine He would look? How could she have that kind of faith?

Her little star-lit sermon continued. “I mean, really Mommy, remember that lady that was so sick and all she had to do was just touch His robe? I mean, if just touching His robe could do so much, can you imagine what looking on His face will do for us?”

Again silence reigned. For her, the silence was about cuddling and star-gazing. For me, it was about wonder, love and the absolute knowledge that we do, indeed, need to become as a little child to understand the complete awesomeness of God and to know without a doubt, that beholding His face is all we need.

Have you ever seen or heard the kingdom of God in the actions or words of a little child?

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