Peace in the Midst of the Storm

Holy Spirit PeaceI walk in the wind and my eyes scan the approaching clouds, measuring my chances of making it home before the rain and predicted hail hit. The wind tugs strands from my ponytail and whips them around my face. I opt to continue my walk, instead of turning back.

I round the corner and start up the hill, processing life, as I often do. Off to my right, through the sounds of the wind in the trees, a soft “coo-coo” interrupts my reverie.

An intense feeling of peace washes over me and I can’t help but smile widely. I’m not much of a birder because of my poor eyesight, but even I can identify a dove.

A dove.

When my husband and I moved into a new house in a hot and muggy neighborhood in Texas we literally didn’t know a soul—it often felt lonely and foreign. But before breakfast, while the morning mist still hung in the air and before the sweltering began, my little three-year-old and I would saunter out onto the back patio and she’d tiptoe out through the grass and walk carefully around the grapefruit tree, choosing her breakfast. I would just stand, listen and breath. Many mornings the soft “coo-coo” of a pretty dove in our palm tree nearest the house serenaded our breakfast search. It was a peaceful and reassuring sound.

Later we moved to a whole other part of the country, where I knew a few people but was a stay-at-home-mom and at times it felt lonely. But on mornings when I struggled most, I took a walk by myself and at times, near a certain tree, there was a dainty white dove that would coo to me. It often made me smile and reminded me of the peace of God.
Now we live in yet another part of the country. When we moved here, I didn’t know anyone and sometimes I wonder what God has in mind for me. But a simple, unseen dove reminds me that no matter where God leads, His Spirit will be there before me.

It’s not always easy, our life since we committed to going where God calls and serving how He asks us to serve. But I realize this morning, that in each spot we’ve lived there has been a gentle dove to remind me of the Holy Spirit’s gentle call and firm protection.

Today I walk in the wind and approaching rain knowing that no matter the storms in my life God’s Spirit of Peace can fill my soul at any moment. I just need to listen for His call.

How have you felt God’s peace this week?

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