Handling Annoyances in Everyday Life

Handling Annoyances in Everyday Life
We all have a choice when faced with annoyances in everyday life.

See how very much our Father loves us, for he calls us his children, and that is what we are…I John 3:1

I was busy. I did not need interruptions. It had been raining all day and I was finally able to send the kids out to play. I focused on making my lesson plans for the next day. The doorbell rang.


I typed some more into my computer, determinedly ignoring the sound. The doorbell rang again. I typed more. I had so much to do and I figured it was the kids playing. No one else rings the doorbell with such frequency!

The bell rang twice more in rapid succession.

Oh! I was perturbed. I stomped to the door, ready to let the kids know I was busy with important things; ready to remind them of their inappropriateness.

There lay a bundle of flowers, no stems, broken and laying in a beautiful and pathetic little lump on the front step.

Suddenly nothing I was doing seemed important. And nothing was more beautiful. I picked up the little bunch of mismatched flowers plucked in the prime of their beauty, leaving holes in my yard. I gently laid them on the counter, smiling the whole time.

I went back to the door and hollered “Thank you!” and set off to find those giggling little blessings that were hiding around the corner, waiting to see what mommy would say, waiting to remind me of my priorities.

How do you handle annoyances in everyday life?

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