Missing the Obvious

Have you missed the obvious?Are you missing the obvious?

The Costco in southern Phoenix has an odd gas station and exit system. If a person wants to purchase gas, one has to drive to the far side of the warehouse and after fueling up, the driver gets funneled through a small parking lot to either the road leading behind Costco’s loading dock, or to a road leading to a neighboring business.

I decided to buy gas first, because I didn’t want the balmy 80-degree weather to cook my groceries in a hot car. And, because I needed exercise, I chose to park in the small lot between the gas station and the loading dock exit. As a result, I drove through the loading dock area for the first time, and a sign painted on the wall across from the docks caught my eye.missingtheobvious2

At first glance, it didn’t make much sense—but by the time I had exited onto the main road, I had started to laugh and actually turned into the front side of Costco all over again, drove through the busy parking lot and around the building again just so I could snap a photo.

My mind raced through possible scenarios and headlines as I slowed and took photos. What had prompted Costco to paint the sign in the first place? Had a hapless forklift operator ended up in a city hundreds of miles away? Or even worse, had an operator AND his forklift thumped to the ground from the back of a truck as an eager trucker peeled out of the loading dock? Who would drive away with the back doors open, anyway?

It would seem obvious that one should check for things like forklift operators, closed doors and safety before pulling out.Wonders of Creation

And then I thought of the obvious things that we miss in our hurry and bustle. We get so caught up in the drama of our lives that we fail to stop and consider the obvious—or worse yet we take some ‘expert’s’ word for it. We accept the subtle lies of science that insist the world has been around for millions of years and that we evolved from nothing (last time I checked, if I leave my computer on and paper in the printer, a novel won’t evolve—not matter how long I wait).

Sure, it might be hard to wrap our minds around the idea of a Creator who not only creates, but continues to care for us and has a plan for our lives (but believing that we rose out of a puddle of primordial goo takes its own brand of leaping in faith).

“The heavens declare the glory of God,
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
Day after day they pour forth speech;
night after night they reveal knowledge.
They have no speech, they use no words;
no sound is heard from them.
Yet their voice goes out into
all the earth,
their words to the ends of the world.” Psalm 19:1-4Field of Poppies

Do you listen? Have you heard? As winter fades and spring burgeons in beauty and change all around us, take a moment to consider the miracles that cry out, “Look at me! Each cell and genome and sequence programmed by a Creator as a sign of His existence.” Don’t miss the obvious. Jesus told his listeners to “Consider how the wild flowers grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.” (Luke 12:27)

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Anita currently teaches English to 7th-12th graders. She describes herself as a ‘recovering cancer caregiver’ who gives thanks daily that her husband has been cancer-free for ten years.

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  • Yeah, it IS easy to drive away with part of the loading crew still onboard…

    Great thoughts for today, Anita. Thanks.
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser recently posted…Why Marriage Is ImportantMy Profile

    • If it’s easy to do, than it’s a good thing they have a warning!

  • Oh amen to the psalm, His wisdom, your preceptive words. And that field of flowers, Anita! What a glorious way to kick off this week!

    I hope it sparkles for you!
    Linda@Creekside recently posted…Let’s Sing Glory With HerMy Profile

    • The week is definitely sparkling, Linda :).

  • Absolutely breathtaking photos! The Lord has been asking me to stop and listen as well. Our posts for this Inspire me Monday have similar messages 🙂
    Messy Mom recently posted…2 Years of SpeechMy Profile

    • I love it when God moves many of us to write similar messages at the same time–it makes me realize how the Holy Spirit moves in mysterious and wondrous ways!

  • Beautiful post, both pictures and words. If only everyone knew how science points to God. It’s a powerful thing to study and witness. Thanks for the reminder!
    Laura recently posted…Five Tips On Getting Things DoneMy Profile

    • 🙂 What’s the title of that book you were telling me about?

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  • “We get so caught up in the drama of our lives that we fail to stop and consider the obvious—or worse yet we take some ‘expert’s’ word for it.”

    Yes! I am dealing with this right now as I get sucked into the worry of details that I don’t even know that God cares about and I am neglecting His call for what I am to do to bring Him glory!

    I know He will bless me in tangible ways if I remain faithful! For example, my computer cord will be here tomorrow! 🙂 Thank you for your inspiration and your example of a life-giving life! The more I read about care giving and the more I see myself coming into that role with my parents one day, I see it as such a ministry to others!


    • It’s so easy to get sucked into the worries (because we have this mistaken belief that we CAN control things ;)). But we must rest in the knowledge that God delights in working out the details.

  • A great reflection. How often do we go rushing through life that we miss what is important. Time to stop and take in the beauty of the world and praise God for creating it.
    Amanda recently posted…Disneyland with a ToddlerMy Profile

    • Here’s to slowing down and taking time to see the obvious!

  • I had to read the sign a few times!
    Your words “the obvious things we miss in our hurry and bustle”, hit home today.
    In general, I think of myself of someone who slows down, who notices. And yet, I find myself in a season the last few months where I hurry from one thing to the next and have indeed missed the whispers of God in my everyday ‘obvious’.
    Thanks for the post!

    • And thank you for stopping by, Melanie! It’s good to see you again :). May God continue to whisper to you and may you hear him!

  • My oneword for 2015 is WONDER, so I am making conscious efforts every day to no miss the mundane!
    Susan Shipe recently posted…carol’s g-free cream cheese spreadMy Profile

    • What a great word! I read “The Emperor of all Maladies” and it really got me thinking about creation and how much we don’t understand but how mind-blowing what we know really is.

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  • Gorgeous pictures, Anita!
    I agree with you…so much of the beauty of God is missed because I’m focused on me….and too busy or in a hurry. Thank you for the reminder to slow down, look around and catch glimpses of our Creator!
    Thank you for the encouragement today!!
    Lisa Brittain recently posted…Five*Minute*Friday::Real*My Profile

    • Thank you :). One of the reasons I love photography is because I can capture a fraction of the beauty.

  • This cracked me up! Can you imagine being stuck on that truck?!

    Thanks of linking up to Tuesday Talk!

    • The thought of being stuck in the truck gives me the heebie-jeebies.