When Your Actions Scream

When Actions ScreamHave you ever noticed that your actions scream?

When you rant and rave at your child’s basketball game, what message are you sending?

When you excuse her school absence (when she chose to sleep in and was not sick), what are you hoping she’ll learn?

When you get together with your friends and gossip and poke fun at those who are not present, who are you hoping she will emulate?

When you ignore a child who comes to every practice and leave him on the bench, what are you hoping he learns to think about himself?

When you yell at her and call her stupid while she huddles in the corner, what are you hoping she’ll grow up to be?

hen you insist that those in authority are ridiculous, who are you hoping he’ll look up to?

When you have time to text and watch movies and surf the net, but don’t have time to read your child a bedtime story or play catch, what kind of priorities do you expect your child to have?

When you are too tired to listen to him tell you of his day at school or when you’re sick of hearing her crazy giggling, who do you expect she’ll want to talk to when problems arise in her life?

When your Bible is covered with dust and you usually say God’s name only when you’re angry, who are you hoping he’ll worship?

When the time of raising a child is over and they’re grown and gone, who do you hope they’ll be? (tweet this)

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  • Those are the “When” questions I don’t like to ask. They are some hard words. Thank you for taking a look at them.

    (visiting from FMF)
    Melinda recently posted…FMF – WhenMy Profile

    • They’re not questions anyone likes to look at, nor characteristics we ever want to acknowledge in ourselves, but they are activities I’ve observed this year. I just want to remember to be deliberate with my own choices. Thanks for stopping by!
      Carol recently posted…When Your Actions ScreamMy Profile

  • A most thought provoking post for sure! Grateful to have stopped here this morning. Blessings!
    Joanne Viola recently posted…WhenMy Profile

  • I don’t have kids, but my “whens” are running out; they say I’m dying, and indeed, events of the past few days make this look non-survivable. But I’m not dead yet, and I still intend to live forever.

    It’s really about perspective, and intentional living. Case in point – this morning I laid out the patterns for some small metal brackets for an airplane I’m building. It hurts a lot; I was working against pain, and will have to rest before cutting them out. perhaps I will be able to do that today; maybe not.

    But the action is important. Not that anyone else cares; my wife, even, doesn’t know one airplane from another (and she married me while I was building a wing in the living room!).

    There’s no one to talk with about this stuff, but I believe that those minutes of positive action, even in isolation, add to the optimism in the world, that somehow, my heart’s attitude is important.
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser recently posted…When Marriage Turns Boring {Five Minute Friday}My Profile

    • Andrew – you hit it. Intentional living, even in those moments where no one else knows what you’re doing. My prayers are with you in your pain and in your knowledge that life is short, that you find and keep that strength to be intentional. God bless!
      Carol recently posted…When Your Actions ScreamMy Profile