giftcardYesterday, I had my whole afternoon scheduled down to the minute (in an attempt to get more done and be more efficient). Guess what, it didn’t work. When I finished my blitz shopping at the local store, I pushed my cart through the doors and found my way blocked by a sweet little old lady who was looking at patio tables on sale in the entryway. I commented, “I didn’t know they had patio tables on sale! There’s snow outside!”

She looked at me and smiled and replied, “I guess I’m in your way.”

“It’s ok,” I said while I checked my phone to see how much time I had to spare before starting the next thing on my to-do list.

Her next words startled me. “Could you give me a ride home?”

“Um, sure,” I said. “Where do you live?” I hoped she didn’t live forty miles away, but quickly determined that if I said, ‘yes’, I really meant it. Regardless of how far away she lived. Around where I live, a lot of people hitch-hike to and from town for their weekly grocery shopping.

“I live back there in the trailer park,” she told me, motioning behind us. “I only have these two bags.”

I showed her where I had parked and helped her get loaded into the car. I could tell that English wasn’t her first language, but we managed to communicate just fine as I drove her the short distance home.

It may have been out of my way, and I may have gotten behind on my rigid scheduled to-do list. But the important thing is, my day felt enriched because I had an opportunity to give something away. I love it when God sends us little reminders that our focus shouldn’t be on OUR list and OUR wants and needs.

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