Celebrate National Family Caregivers Month With Us

National Family Caregivers Month What's YOUR story? http://wp.me/p2UZoK-xp via @blestbutstrestUnsung heroes live and work quietly beside you. You might know them from church, the grocery store, the library, the coffee shop or work. They might disappear for stretches of time, and reappear–a more tired, worn-out version of themselves. We know them as classmates, colleagues, acquaintances, bowling buddies and friends, but someone in their family knows them as ‘caregiver.’

In fact, four out of every ten adults cares for a family member with a significant health issue. You can read more about the profiles of the ‘typical’ family caregiver here. Family caregivers learn new skills in order to take care of loved ones outside of a hospital or care facility. They often have to quit their full-time jobs or move in order to care for an aging parent.

We’re supporting the Caregiver Action Network to celebrate Family Caregivers during the month of November.  Their theme this year is: Care Comes Home.

Our goal is to build community amongst caregivers as well as highlight the stories of some of those unsung heroes that just might live next door.  If you have journeyed through a season of caregiving and would like to share your story, please contact us at info@blessedbutstressed.com.

Above all, remember that caregiving can be a lonely place filled with isolation and frustration.  If you know a family caregiver, take a moment to send them a card of encouragement, drop by for a visit or a quick phone call.  Ask the caregiver how he or she is doing (often, we forget about the caregiver in our worry over the one who needs care).

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Tara’s story: Caring for a Parent Diagnosed with a Mental Illness (November 3)
Paula’s story: Caring for a Husband with Parkinson’s and Stroke  (November 5)
Barbara’s story: Caring for a Spouse with Vascular Dementia (November 10)
Leah’s story: Caring for a Parent with Multi-infarct Dementia (November 11)
Shorna’s story: Caring for a Spouse with Glioblastoma Multiform (GBM) (November 15)
Bethany’s story: When a Community Becomes the Caregiver (November 16)
Sarah Ann’s story: Caregiving for a Child on the Autism Spectrum (November 18)
Amee’s story: Caring for a Child with Albright’s Hereditary Osteodytrophy (November 21)
Tobi’s Story: When Caring for a Parent Means Quitting Your Job

Here’s a great resource for caregivers with 25 tips for dealing with the caregiver journey.

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