I am not the me I used to be.  Now I dare to share. http://wp.me/s2UZoK-dare via @blestbutstrestThe funny thing about growing up in a conservative Christian community is that I never learned to share my faith—after all everyone I knew already believed the same things I did. I went to church with the same kids I went to school with. We had the same Bible classes from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

If someone asked me what I believed, I always happily shared, but I’ve never been the strike-up-conversations-with-strangers-about-Jesus kind of gal. Frankly, I suffered from fear. Fear of people not understanding. Fear of looking foolish. Fear of saying the wrong thing or offending someone.

It took almost losing my husband to give me confidence to share Jesus with strangers. It didn’t happen overnight, but on one of my many plane trips between Bozeman and San Francisco, I found myself chatting with my seatmate.  About God.  About the miracles that He had orchestrated time after time throughout Pedro’s long illness. I realized that when I focused on what God had done, I could actually dare to share our journey.

Since that moment, I’ve prayed with a distraught customer in the Christian bookstore where I moonlighted. I’ve prayed with students. I’ve prayed with friends over the phone. I’ve told whoever will listen about Pedro’s miraculous healing (and thus this blog and the #write31days challenge).

I’m not the me I used to be. Full of fear. Now I dare to share. (tweet this)

And like Paul, I have confidence that because of the hard road we’ve traveled, I have so much more to say and I understand the urgency of saying it.

God loves you. He wants you to get to know Him. He wants to lead you and guide you into a life of freedom on earth and eternity spent with Him. It’s never too late to say “Yes” to God. He can handle all of your questions, your fears and your problems. He loves you.

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