Angels work in cancer wards.  Some people call them nurses. http://wp.me/p2UZoK-vt via @blestbutstrestAngels work in cancer wards. I’m sure of it.

Ok, maybe not literal angels, but certainly humans who have a close connection to their Savior. How else could they show up for work each day with a smile and word of encouragement for the desperately ill on the cancer front?

How else could they treat each patient with dignity and love? How else could they deal with family members who probably get in the way at times and sometimes act more needy than the patient?

When the specter of death hovers nearby, they drop whatever they’re doing to answer the call button, and their very presence seems to suck despair from the room. Only someone the Lord has spoken to can do that.

Angels notice small positive changes that occur between shifts, and point them out. “Hey, Mr. Ojeda! I see you’ve walked two more laps today than you did yesterday!” (we kept track on the whiteboard in the hospital room). Or, “Mr. Ojeda, your eye closes more than it did three days ago. I think that means the muscles in your face are unfreezing!”

Angels sit down for a minute and answer questions and have conversations. They understand that hospital life scares both the patient and the family. They let children dance with Elvis and ‘help’ out.

Angels have a sense of humor and don’t mind a good scare and can laugh about it afterward.

Thank you to all the angels who pour out their lives to help others in their deepest time of need. Keep listening to the kind and comforting words the Holy Spirit whispers in YOUR ears so that you can carry out your sacred commission.

Yes, angels work in cancer wards, clinics and hospitals all over the world. Some people call them nurses. (tweet this)

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