Come Away With Me

comeawayHave you listened to the lies so long that you fear they may be true—that you are lazy, unable to change and utterly hopeless? Have your heart and mind formed a new reality that feels like a dark prison cell, and escape seems impossible?

Jesus whispers hope. Have you listened lately? “My child, I’m in the business of setting captives free.”

Do you struggle with the mind movies from your past that haunt your every turn and interrupt all attempts at normal?

Jesus whispers words of transformation. “My child, I can turn red to the purest white. I can rewind and erase the power of the past.”

Does the rock of your anger rise more often than you want, choking out your rational thoughts and spewing words you wished unsaid on those you love the most?

Breathe deeply and listen for the whisper of the one who loves you most of all. “My child, give your anger to me, and I will set you free.”

Has life taught you that you must be all things to all people and you feel you’ve lost yourself bit by bit in an insane attempt to please everyone?

“Relax,” Jesus whispers to your weary soul, “come away with me, and learn what I want for you.”

Listen for the whispers in the wind, in the silence, in the thunder and the rain. Jesus whispers words of promise. Listen(click to tweet)

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