My Mommy Rocks!

Whether she's cross-country skiing or zip-lining, my mommy rocks!

Whether she’s cross-country skiing or zip-lining, my mommy rocks!

My mommy spent the last week marching as a 50-year-alumnus of her alma mater in their graduation ceremony (along with my dad and two other honorees). But that’s not what makes her amazing.

After ‘re-marching’, she and my dad headed home on the scenic route—and stopped to ride an old-fashioned steam train and go on a zip line tour. But that’s not what makes her amazing.

When she returns home, she’ll finish off the school year as our small, private school’s librarian—in the past two years she’s bargain hunted at thrift stores and used book stores and added thousands of titles to our school’s library and helped create a love for reading in our students that they never knew they had. But that’s not what makes her amazing.

What make her amazing is her selfless love that encompasses four children, eleven grandchildren and my dad. At various times in her life she’s dropped everything—her plans and her ambitions to help us out. She’s babysat (and dog sat), counseled, cooked, cleaned, organized, sewn, supported and done a myriad other acts of love for each of us.

She took a leave of absence from her teaching job when Pedro had a relapse in cancer and she and my dad moved in with us so that she could take over Pedro’s elementary classes and my dad could sub for me and they could both take care of our kids any time I got called away to be by Pedro’s side as he fought for his life thousands of miles away. That’s amazing.

I don’t say it often enough, but my mommy is amazing and I’m so grateful that God gave me to her. Happy Mother’s Day! I love you!

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