Evidence of a Miracle {fmf: grateful}

Miracles DO happen!

Miracles DO happen!

I’m joining Lisa-Jo Baker and the wonderful writers at Five-Minute Friday.  This week’s prompt?  Grateful.

My son graduates from 8th grade on the 22nd of May. It’s not a BIG deal, but trust me, it’s a BIG DEAL!
We hit the wall, when he was four years old and diagnosed with leukemia. The wall that said we don’t know if he has a future.

The wall that blocked off any peek into his education or his growth. The big, giant, scary wall that actually prevented us from seeing the next five minutes, at times.

Evidence of a miracle.

Evidence of a miracle.

The worst parts of that wall came in the middle of the night when blood leaked from compromised veins and when fevers burned their brightest.

That wall sometimes rose so high and was built so strong that I feared it was a permanent part of our lives and would hold us captive.  That gigantic, fearsome, powerful wall that built itself without our permission.

For too many years that wall forced us to go directions we did not want to go. The effort to scale that wall left me worn out and discouraged.

But God has knocked down that wall. My son is in remission. And he’s graduating from 8th grade in less than two weeks.

How can I be anything but grateful?
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