Friend {fmf}


Friends---who happen to be family as well!

Friends—who happen to be family as well!

Today I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker and the fabulous Five-Minute Friday crowd–where Lisa-Jo gives us a prompt and we do our best to write for just five minutes before hitting ‘publish’ and rushing off to read everyone else’s beautiful words. Join us!

Prompt: Friend

The five-minute Friday prompt is to write about “friend” for five minutes and stop.  Sitting at my laptop I suddenly find myself going through extreme ADHD (which I didn’t know I had) and thinking there is no way I could write about what “Friend” means to me in five minutes.  But five minutes it is.

So I must decide.

Do I write about the friend that can call me on my worst day because she’s had one too and we need to laugh together?  The one with whom I skipped my first class and who will pray with me  at a moment’s notice?

Maybe I write about a sister who has always been my real-life hero that has become such a trusted friend to me as we’ve wandered through life’s different paths?  That sister who makes our kids laugh because every time we get together tears are a guarantee, but then so is laughter.

What about those acquaintances who’ve taken moments to make me feel special or appreciated?  Who’ve sent me flowers or little notes or given me directions to new places in town?

Maybe I should write about a friend who has always listened and sympathized but still has the strength to say truth in those tough moments?  You know, that one who calls to see how I’m doing and actually listens?

Dare I write about a friend who has chosen to distance herself because of her own choices, but doesn’t have the courage to own that?

Could I write about the friend that’s gone, but that I know I will giggle with again someday, in heaven?

How about I write about the cousin who came to sit with me for hours during my son’s chemo, who drank my free parent-coffee and laughed with me while poison dripped into my son’s body?

What if I write about a writing-buddy who supports and pushes and knows to let me sit at times?

I should write about a husband who continues being my very best friend through everything?  That man who balances me out and encourages me through mother-hood?

What if I write about a mom who gets smarter with each passing year and each mother-hood milestone of my own?

Then there’s that childhood friend of mine that I see about once a year.  We both look forward to that and catch up and enjoy ourselves.  Should I write about her?

Maybe I should write about my children?  I have a daughter in college who becomes my friend more each day and a daughter at home who can lighten any moment and loves freely and a boy who happily went on a walk with me, and even though he’s taller than I am, he still reached out and held my hand for a moment.  I certainly could write about that?

Do I write about a God who never leaves me nor forsakes me?  You know, that best friend that NEVER lets me down, who challenges me to grow constantly, but sticks around to make sure I grow and not collapse?

See.  I have a problem with this five-minute-Friday prompt.  I am too blessed, with too many friends to narrow it down.

So there it is.  Friends equal blessings.

Short and sweet.

Friends = blessings.  That only takes a moment to write, but it’s backed by a lifetime of cherished memories and dreams.

Thank you, and God bless you, all my friends!
Five Minute Friday