Hero Worship-A New Definition

Heroes should be ordinary.

Heroes should be ordinary.

Hero worship-a longing amongst humans to see the nature of God revealed to us.

My apologies to Webster, who’s definition for ‘hero’ looks more like ‘a man of distinguished character’ or a ‘demigod’ or the ‘principal male character in a book or movie’.

I’ve always struggled with the word ‘hero’, and the concept of hero worship. Everyone knows that the brain children of cartoonists don’t exist. And there’s nothing heroic about running across the turf with an odd-shaped pigskin clutched in one’s grasp. What’s heroic about doing what you’re paid millions to do?

True heroes quietly do for others what no one pays them to do—just like Jesus did. They wash our feet with acts of kindness; their kind words and selfless actions quench our thirst for the revelation of God’s nature in our midst.

A hero affirms the nature of God by selfless acts in silence and without fanfare.

Heroes be like:

-A young woman who confronts sin in her life and has the courage to ask forgiveness of both God and those she has hurt.
-A couple who shares their struggle with the consequences of sexual abuse so that others might find healing.
-A student who sees a hurting classmate and reaches out—even if the ‘cool’ kids ignore the situation.
-the family caregiver who spends every spare minute taking care of a someone they love, denying their own goals, ambitions and desires in cheerfully serving someone other than self.
-the person at the blood bank donating blood so a stranger has life.

A true hero points us to God. Look around you today and take a moment to acknowledge the acts of the everyday heroes in your life. A simple “Thank you for___” will suffice. No press conference required.

Tell me about the heroes in your life!