Carol’s Five-Minute Friday: She

 Sometimes, angels wear colorful lab coats and sandals with socks.

Sometimes, angels wear colorful lab coats and sandals with socks.

I’m hooking up with the Five-Minute Friday crowd–five minutes of unedited writing on the prompt cooked up by Lisa Jo Baker and friends. This week, the prompt is ‘She’.


She was an angel who seemed to not believe in God.
Loud and relaxed and extremely precise.
She wore a broomstick skirt and glasses on a chain and swept into a room bringing ease and anxiety.
She was gray-haired and up-to-date/
Tall and jovial and intensely instructive.
She wore socks and flat sandals and commanded attention and never wanted the spotlight.
She was tight-lipped and talkative.
Patient and caring and ruthlessly driven.
She wore her pager at her waist and a stethoscope on her neck and killed cancer and saved lives.
She was my stress and my safety.
Confident and worried and obsessively clean.
She wore wire rimmed glasses and her heart on her sleeve always looking out for the good of the child.
She was excessively busy and never in a rush.
Pediatric oncologist and parent therapist and a grandma.
She wore her smile and her belief that my child would get better never hiding the truth of the disease.
She did not seem to believe in God but she was most certainly an angel.

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