Small {fmf}

The heavens declare the work of his hands--and he pays attention to even small details.

The heavens declare the work of his hands–and he pays attention to even small details.




I ran along the dirt road behind the boarding school where I work, grumping to myself at each step. I had forgotten how many challenges the first week of school brings to a teacher: new students, teaching procedures and figuring out the schedule and what do with students who show up to class but haven’t been added to the roster. I felt small and inadequate because everything hadn’t gone the way I had planned it.

This year included the additional challenges of a new job at a new school in a new state. The copier didn’t work—I didn’t know how to fix it or find copy paper; no one knew the password for the teacher computer in my classroom; I forgot which duty I was scheduled for the first lunch period…my list went on and on.

I arrived at the top of the hill and turned around to call my running partner—my daughter’s German Shepherd (who often practices her sprinting skills in a hopeless attempt to make friends with jackrabbits). “Bella!” I yelled. Then I saw it—the magnificent sunrise. I paused my running app and whistled for Bella. She trotted into view and sat down (unusual behavior for her)—seeming to take in the beauty around us.

I pulled out my phone and snapped some photos and felt small. My frustrations melted away as I paused to consider the mighty works of my Creator. Who cares if the copier didn’t work when I wanted it to? I have the opportunity to work at a school where I can pray and share my faith with kids who have never heard of Jesus.

So I arrived two minutes late to my lunch duty. I can spend time talking about my Savior to anyone who asks. Who am I to whine about passwords and technology problems—I know the key to salvation.

I looked around once more and thanked God for the sunrise that caught me at the right moment and taught me that I am small. I work for a big God. Alone, I am nothing. Me working for him…now that’s a different story! (tweet this)