The Last Word on My Mental Illness

Continued from… Today’s guest blogger authorized and participated in writing our #write31days series “31 Glimpses in to the Unquiet Mind” back in October of 2015.  This final post serves as an update and an explanation for all that Sarah went through and why she chose to participate and authorize this series…. Read more“The Last Word on My Mental Illness”

When You’re Ninety-Eight, I’ll be Ninety-Nine

Continued from last week… March Louis and I swing into my parents’ driveway in Holbrook, Arizona, a few days after the last phone call, the one where Sarah sounded more like Sarah, the one where I realized maybe just maybe I could have my sister back. The car’s clock glows… Read more“When You’re Ninety-Eight, I’ll be Ninety-Nine”

Recap, Regroup and Relearn: Lessons from October

Lessons Learned in October I have discovered that I am a challenge junkie. For the second year in a row I accepted the #write31day challenge for October, and I survived another year. This time around, I wrote about my daughter’s journey with mental illness, which meant constant consultation with a… Read more“Recap, Regroup and Relearn: Lessons from October”

Mania: It’s Not Just What Happens on Black Friday

…continued from yesterday. St. Helena Hospital Behavioral Health Center Admission Inventory Valuable Name: Clothing: at bedside Bra Panties Shirt Shoes Sweater Clothing, other Slippers Socks Suitcase with other misc. clothing items. Backpack. Monetary: in safe Gift Cards—1 Target, 2 Barns & Noble, 1 Home Depot, 1 Driver’s License Money—16 cents… Read more“Mania: It’s Not Just What Happens on Black Friday”

When the Caregiving is Over – my dad

Today my daddy went to sleep in Jesus. An example of steady and firm faith in the saving grace of Jesus Christ, he has always been a person of wise advice, sure guidance and steadfast love. Dad grew up on the streets of Boston but thanks to the kindness of a… Read more“When the Caregiving is Over – my dad”

Community Caregiving – the best medicine

“Mommy, I want to go to Cradle Roll class”.  The girls headed out the door with daddy on the way to their classes and then church, but Andrew and I stayed behind. I rubbed his bald head and said as brightly as I could, “We’ll go read some stories and… Read more“Community Caregiving – the best medicine”

Caregiving Sorrow Turned Into Joy

Today I join Kate Motaung and the writers at Five Minute Friday and the prompt is:  Joy. The first few moments after the doctor said the word “Leukemia” I was frozen, until I bolted for the bathroom and lost my stomach into the sink and stared at myself in the… Read more“Caregiving Sorrow Turned Into Joy”

Nurses and Blood: Care and Life

This is a special day in the 31 Days of Unexpected Blessings from Caregiving, because today there are two blessings in one story.  Both are extremely important, and one can’t be rightly told without the other! Michelle had been on duty the night we first arrived at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. … Read more“Nurses and Blood: Care and Life”

Train Up a Child (it strengthens the fight)

Battling your child’s cancer is not for the weak-at-heart.  The weird thing is that as a parent, you find yourself stronger-at-heart than you ever believed possible.  Probably because there’s really no other option.  What’s a parent going to do?  NOT be there for their child? That’s not an option.  So… Read more“Train Up a Child (it strengthens the fight)”

The Kindness of Strangers

It was really hard to see Andrew’s hair fall out.  It was incredibly difficult as Andrew’s skin went from pale to pasty and straight on to completely colorless.  It was annoying that he had to wear a face mask to go anywhere at all.  It was lonely to be isolated. … Read more“The Kindness of Strangers”