Work: When Teaching is a Gift

Today’s prompt is: WORK   I received a gift at work today. My award-winning day did not start when I forgot to grab my school keys off my dresser as I headed out on my 45 minute drive to teach 7th and 8th graders. It wasn’t the  middle-schoolers’ insatiable desire… Read more“Work: When Teaching is a Gift”

How to Reset a Troubled Relationship With a Child

“Can I borrow your cell phone?” she asked me. “What grade are you in?” I asked. “Fourth. I need to call my dad. It’s important.” School had only started two days ago, and I didn’t know all of the students—especially the ones in the lower grades. “Ok. I’ll let you… Read more“How to Reset a Troubled Relationship With a Child”

What Lies Beneath

She drives me crazy. Most days, she enters my classroom vibrating—a steady stream of energy crackling out in the form of zingers and shallow repartee with her classmates. I gently chide her; remind her that her words break our classroom rules. “Which one?” she asks. Her bewilderment looks genuine. “Respecting… Read more“What Lies Beneath”

Small {fmf}

      I ran along the dirt road behind the boarding school where I work, grumping to myself at each step. I had forgotten how many challenges the first week of school brings to a teacher: new students, teaching procedures and figuring out the schedule and what do with… Read more“Small {fmf}”