Finding Haven on Earth

I didn’t leave a letter out on this post’s title.  I really want to talk about finding haven on earth, not ‘heaven’.  Because, well, we won’t find heaven down here.  But we can find haven. Harbor. Port. Refuge. Favorable opportunities. For me, a haven represents anything that brings peace to… Read more“Finding Haven on Earth”

Meet My Therapist

I Bought My Therapist I’ve learned more from my therapist in the last five years than I ever could have imagined. Like many decisions in my life, I stumbled upon the use of a therapist by accident—but in retrospect, I realize how much I needed one. The money and time… Read more“Meet My Therapist”


My eight-year-old hand shook as I carefully daubed the paintbrush into the small, clear plastic pot of paint and then carefully transferred the blob of ‘color 32’ into the small, oval edged on one side by a sea of black velvet. Just three colors left, and I would complete my… Read more“Paint-by-Numbers”

Oh, Snap! Point of View Guest Post

I’m guest blogging over at Grace Tells Another Story for a series on photography.  I’ll be discussing using point of view to get the shots you’ve dreamed about, but can’t seem to snag.  Spoiler alert!  The post includes some truly horrible photos of me (I’ll do anything to make a… Read more“Oh, Snap! Point of View Guest Post”