The Looming Crisis I Didn’t See Coming

…continued from yesterday. After a very long day of travel, Sarah and her grandparents landed safely in Puerto Rico. Before she left, we had investigated whether or not our cellular carrier worked the same in Puerto Rico as it did in the U.S.—fortunately, it did. She called late at night… Read more“The Looming Crisis I Didn’t See Coming”

Why I Struggle to Live a Spacious Life

…continued from yesterday. It has taken me years to learn to ask forgiveness of someone when I have done wrong, so knocking on Sarah’s door took all of my self-discipline and courage. “Come in,” she said. “I am so sorry for the way I spoke to you just now,” I… Read more“Why I Struggle to Live a Spacious Life”

Doubts and Decisions in Argentina

Continued from yesterday… Three days before we planned to leave to spend two weeks with Sarah at Christmas, Pedro’s brother called and told us that the passenger loads in and out of Argentina looked horrible. Evidently, the program he had been using had not been properly updating the real numbers…. Read more“Doubts and Decisions in Argentina”