Words Have the Power to Heal or to Break

Sticks and Stones Can Break Your Bones (but So Can Words) I may have broken some bones today. Not mine, and not real bones. But I used ungracious words in a phone conversation. I don’t know about you, but when frustrating situations simmer and stew and don’t get resolved in… Read more“Words Have the Power to Heal or to Break”

From Holeness to Wholeness

From Holeness to Wholeness I teach English.  I can make up words, can’t I? If you look at any word long enough, it just starts to look weird. Take ‘whole’ for example. We all know the ‘w’ makes no noise—someone just tacked it on to distinguish it from ‘hole.’ Which… Read more“From Holeness to Wholeness”

How to Mentor Even if You’re an Introvert

My phone rang during class and I checked the number before stepping outside to answer it. “Yes?” “I have Maria here in the office with me,” the principal said, “and she wants to know if you’d be her mentor.” “Um, I guess so,” I answered inelegantly. “What does that involve?”… Read more“How to Mentor Even if You’re an Introvert”

A Life Plan Retreat on a Budget

My Living Forward Life Plan Retreat It seems appropriate that I spent yesterday and today—Easter Sunday—away on my Life Plan Retreat. I started my adventure yesterday afternoon by learning how to hitch up our trailer by myself and backing it up the hill and around the corner in order to… Read more“A Life Plan Retreat on a Budget”

Living Forward is Triage for Life

Living Forward: a Book Review God has a sense of humor. First, he gives me a word for the year with a double meaning—constrain—which means to both compel and to hold back. Next, he puts three books in my life (books I received for free with the understanding that I… Read more“Living Forward is Triage for Life”

February Taught Me My Need for a Plan

What I Learned in February I’m joining Emily P. Freeman at www.chattingatthesky who hosts a monthly link up where bloggers share what they’ve learned during the month.   For almost fifty years I’ve drifted along, and life has been good.  Sure, we’ve had some serious bumps along the way, but that… Read more“February Taught Me My Need for a Plan”

Do You Need to Check Your Coffee Grinder’s Settings?

“Which grinder do you use for your decaf?” I called out to my daughter. “The small one.” I grumbled inwardly—at home I used a nice burr grinder, and I worried that the blade grinder wouldn’t produce the same taste (I’m not a coffee snob, really). My burr grinder odyssey had… Read more“Do You Need to Check Your Coffee Grinder’s Settings?”

Meet the Ultimate Blood Donor

This month our country celebrates those who donate blood during National Blood Donor Month. This got me thinking about my experiences with blood donation. I donate blood when I can—but often the techs turn me away. After registering and going through the health history and mini-physical, the tech does a… Read more“Meet the Ultimate Blood Donor”

My Weird Word of the Year

It seems as if God gives words to some people in a flash of clarity. To others, the word filters into their conscience and quietly settles into a corner where it gently raises its hand and calls out, “Pick me!” each time one wonders, “What word should I dwell on… Read more“My Weird Word of the Year”