Meet My Therapist

I Bought My Therapist I’ve learned more from my therapist in the last five years than I ever could have imagined. Like many decisions in my life, I stumbled upon the use of a therapist by accident—but in retrospect, I realize how much I needed one. The money and time… Read more“Meet My Therapist”

Answers Before I Call

Pedro’s cancer relapsed one month after he went into remission—he went from a healthy-looking sick guy to a walking skeleton in three short weeks. The day a bed on University of California, San Francisco’s  cancer ward opened up, Pedro’s wedding ring fell off when he stood up. After a series… Read more“Answers Before I Call”

Don’t Be Like Me. Get Help!

I’ve been there, friend. I’ve lived with the “why-do-I-even-have-to-get-out-of-bed-today” mornings that pressed me into the mattress and made the down comforter feel like a lead blanket. Sleep seemed like the perfect alternative to facing a day filled with rejection and crushed hopes and the quotidian routine of eat, sleep, work,… Read more“Don’t Be Like Me. Get Help!”

Cancer Changes Everything (but Maybe That’s OK)

At one point during Pedro’s illness, he promised himself that he would forevermore have a positive attitude if someone asked him to do something or try something that he wasn’t sure he could or wanted to do. This led to some crazy adventures post cancer. A year after cancer, my… Read more“Cancer Changes Everything (but Maybe That’s OK)”

Back on Track

My husband and I traveled together, way back before we were a “we”. We spent the month of December on what we were sure was the adventure of our lives. I wanted to see the world and experience history and splendor and he was a safe and fun person, with… Read more“Back on Track”

Firsts You Never Wanted

Have you ever been part of a prayer chain and you get a call, or an email, and you think, “Oh my, that poor, poor family. That’s awful!” Have you ever heard a little blurb on the news, and felt a stab of pity for what someone else’s trials? Have… Read more“Firsts You Never Wanted”

Firsts: A Story in Pictures

“Remember your journey, from Shittham cancer to Gilgal wholeness, that you may know the righteous acts of the Lord.” Micah 6:5b Sometimes, pictures tell a better story (tweet this). Keep a record of your journey–whatever it may be and wherever it may take you–so that you can remember the righteous acts of… Read more“Firsts: A Story in Pictures”

In Search of the Holy Grail…um, Elegant Trogon

A year ago, Pedro and I spent time in the Chiricahua Mountains looking for an Elegant Trogon—a rare and beautiful bird (ok, I looked for the bird, he enjoyed the scenery and the mountain biking). We (I) didn’t find it—despite repeated attempts and long hikes. This year, we went to… Read more“In Search of the Holy Grail…um, Elegant Trogon”

Purple T-Shirts and Folgers Make Me Cry

Purple Tears I don’t cry pretty. When my eyes leak, snot immediately oozes from my nose in sudden sympathy and I’m mess within seconds. Which explains why I had to turn the vehicle off onto a side road that crisp Saturday morning whilst driving down the Silverado Trail in Napa,… Read more“Purple T-Shirts and Folgers Make Me Cry”

No Sex at Taco Bell

I snuggled in closer and tucked my head under Randy’s chin. Oh, it was so nice! His arms, sturdy and strong, helped me feel that I could relax for the first time in over a week. Resting for a moment, content to just be together again, we each waited for… Read more“No Sex at Taco Bell”