The Power of the Mighty Do-Over

“Mom, I’m hungry. When can we eat?” Sarah tugged on my sleeve. I grunted a non-reply and tried to make up my mind. Eat something expensive in the airport or find a place to eat once we checked out the rental car and headed towards my brother-in-law’s home. I looked… Read more“The Power of the Mighty Do-Over”

Write My Legacy

I reach for the box of tissues while my eyes remain glued to the computer screen. Air. Nothing but air. I tear my eyes from the screen and notice the pile of soggy tissues reaches to the top of the box. Rats! She’s done it again. I’m the privileged reader… Read more“Write My Legacy”

Find YOUR Refuge

I’m linking up with the Five-Minute-Friday group. The word is supplied and we write! This week’s word is “Tree”. Go! When I was a little girl I found refuge in three things; reading a good book, writing whatever came into my heart and sitting up in our sycamore tree. Sometimes… Read more“Find YOUR Refuge”

Five-Minute Friday: Grace

the eyes of those who profess to care stare out of judgment ignoring stories they claim to hear but make no effort to understand and unravel the threads that bind the edges of my heart the tongues of those who claim a relationship whip and writhe in so many directions… Read more“Five-Minute Friday: Grace”

‘Together’ Means “Just the Three of Us”

When Pedro and I started falling in love in October of 1986, we thought ‘together’ meant spending every spare moment with each other in between classes and work. When we stood before family and friends two years later and vowed to love each other and stick together through the good… Read more“‘Together’ Means “Just the Three of Us””


Together. It’s an automatic response. When I see the word “together” I think of my husband – Randy. I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend when I started hanging out with Randy. But he was so amazing; calm, steady, logical, Christian, smart and fun. Somewhere through the year we were studying… Read more“Together”

Carol’s Five-Minute Friday: Write

Today I’m joining Lisa-Jo Baker and the Five-Minute Friday crowd for the prompt of the week: Write. Writing for five minutes without editing or backtracking–Go! Write. Write what’s real. Write what you’re passionate about. Write what you know about. Write to not feel alone. Two women clunked down the stairs… Read more“Carol’s Five-Minute Friday: Write”


Today I’m joining Lisa-Jo Baker and the Five-Minute Friday crowd for the prompt of the week: True. Writing for five minutes without editing or backtracking–Go! It’s true. I’m glad my son re-broke his nose and his rib might be broken as well. What kind of sick mother am I? What… Read more“True”


      “I’ll wait. Hurry here,” Pedro had told me the night before. And so I stood in his hospital room, tears in my eyes as he explained his misery and the doctor’s prognosis if they administered more radiation: the mind of an Alzheimer’s patient. “Take me home. I… Read more“Present”