Four Tips for Encouraging Others When It’s Not Your Love Language

Encouraging Others is a Learned Skill Encouraging others does not come naturally for me. Maybe my intorvertedness or laziness keeps me from encouraging others, but I know that encouragement plays an important role in others achieving success. Everyone Moves at a Different Pace My husband and I took ten kids… Read more“Four Tips for Encouraging Others When It’s Not Your Love Language”

Reasons to Remember the Journey

  End-of-the-Journey Blues At the end of our very long road trip this summer, in which Pedro flew home and I drove from Alaska to Arizona by myself, I confess that it took us a day or two to readjust to each other. After all, we’d been separated for ten… Read more“Reasons to Remember the Journey”

Five Tips for Learning to Forgive the Jerk at Work

  How long should it take us to forgive? Years ago my sister-in-law organized a pool party for Sarah’s sixth or seventh birthday. We lived about four hours away, and planned to visit them during a vacation—which also happened to include Sarah’s birthday. I enjoyed the break from party planning,… Read more“Five Tips for Learning to Forgive the Jerk at Work”

Glaciers, Goals and Goats in Banff National Park

Glaciers, Mountain Goats and Goals As part of my fiftieth celebration, I created a list of fifty fun firsts for my fiftieth year.  This summer, Pedro and I headed to Alaska to visit Sarah. Along the way, we plan on experiencing as many things from the list as possible. Under… Read more“Glaciers, Goals and Goats in Banff National Park”

What I Learned in May (aka Mental Health Awareness Month)

Until last March, I had very little awareness of the varity and severity of different mental health issues.  I used the word ‘crazy’ with abandon and insensitivity.  If people didn’t agree with me, or their actions seemed incomprehensible to my moral code or background, I wrote them off as loco…. Read more“What I Learned in May (aka Mental Health Awareness Month)”

The Waif in the Grocery Store

I stood in front of the produce display, contemplating the relative merits of organic ‘still alive’ butter lettuce and prepackaged hearts of romaine when a quiet voice caught my attention. “Excuse me, Ma’am, could you buy me and my friend some food?” I turned to see who had voiced the… Read more“The Waif in the Grocery Store”

What I Wish Christians Knew About Anxiety

Consider it a sheer gift, friends, when tests and challenges come at you from all sides. You know that under pressure, your faith-life is forced into the open and shows its true colors. So don’t try to get out of anything prematurely. Let it do its work so you become… Read more“What I Wish Christians Knew About Anxiety”

How to Stop Whiny Behavior (My Own)

No More April Whine April reminded me that I have a problem with whiny behavior. I didn’t think I had one—after all, I keep a gratitude journal (and after filling one volume, I started a fresh one in April) and a generally upbeat attitude. And yet. I let April grab… Read more“How to Stop Whiny Behavior (My Own)”

A Living Forward Update

Living Forward Update At the end of March I spent a night away from home at a free campground on my Life Plan retreat. I really wanted to take life planning seriously, because my caregiving journeys derailed the vague plans I had for my life back in my 30s. I… Read more“A Living Forward Update”

What Goes Down Must Come Up

What Goes Down Must Come Up (More Lessons from the Grand Canyon) Don’t tell my students, but my legs really hurt. My feet ache. I think twice before using the facilities because, well, my quads hurt when I sit down. When I went for a jog this morning, I wondered… Read more“What Goes Down Must Come Up”