Good Grief

Good Grief The absence of grieving burns a hole in a person’s soul. I know. No one close to me has ever died. Nothing traumatic has happened to me as a person. But certain events in life require grieving. Let me explain. When Pedro had cancer and every new report… Read more“Good Grief”

Loss is Loss (but Love is Bigger)

I scrolled down through my Facebook post feedback–58 comments in just over an hour. Sympathy offered from friends and family far and near. My post touched a chord in many hearts. Loss does that. We’ve all experienced loss and it hurts. But I didn’t expect that response on my Facebook… Read more“Loss is Loss (but Love is Bigger)”

When I Remember

The words from the song we sang at summer camp reverberate in my head. “When I remember that he died for me, I’ll never go back any more, Hallelujah!” As a staff member singing along with the kids, my favorite part involved the hand motions—all 300 campers and 80 staff… Read more“When I Remember”