Five Tips for Learning to Forgive the Jerk at Work

  How long should it take us to forgive? Years ago my sister-in-law organized a pool party for Sarah’s sixth or seventh birthday. We lived about four hours away, and planned to visit them during a vacation—which also happened to include Sarah’s birthday. I enjoyed the break from party planning,… Read more“Five Tips for Learning to Forgive the Jerk at Work”

Why the Rolodex in My Brain Hurts Me So Much

Smart people know how to hold their tongue; their grandeur is to forgive and forget. Proverbs 19:11 MSG I guess I’m not a smart person. All too often, I claim to have forgiven, but I hang on to those memories of how someone wronged me. There’s a little Rolodex in… Read more“Why the Rolodex in My Brain Hurts Me So Much”

Confessions of a Grumpy, Tarnished Woman

I blew it this week.  I let my grumpy-middle-aged-stuck-in-the-mud-stressed persona shine through.  As I study the Advent each morning, I pray that the beautiful words of the prophets and psalmist will calm my soul and prepare me for a day of dealing with squirrels students. The cold and darkness linger… Read more“Confessions of a Grumpy, Tarnished Woman”

What Happens When Students Feel Safe

She stepped up to the microphone during the Monday night worship service and started to speak. “I didn’t know my dad until a few years ago when a man walked up to me and said, ‘So, I’m your father.’” During her first formative years, her grandfather held the family together… Read more“What Happens When Students Feel Safe”

Saying “Yes” to Forgiveness

Gentle Reader: I confess that this took longer than five minutes to write.  I ask your indulgence and challenge you to think about how you have ever had the opportunity to say “Yes!” to forgiveness.  It’s not an easy yes.  Especially when you come from a heritage of abuse and… Read more“Saying “Yes” to Forgiveness”

Magnifying Your Mistakes

Dear Friend; I know how easy those phrases of condemnation can slip into the closet of your mind and pop out to torment you in the dark of night. “If only I had,” and “I should have,” and “Why didn’t I?” rattle around and poke you awake in the middle… Read more“Magnifying Your Mistakes”

Through God’s Eyes

Sometimes, we prance like pigs through the slop in our lives and proudly proclaim, “I’m the worst—there’s no WAY God could love a sinner like me, after all, look what I’ve done!” Wallowing in our sins, examining each failure over and over again until we’ve worn the memories thin, gives… Read more“Through God’s Eyes”