It’s Time to Let Those Wrinkles Take Their Places

As I approach the completion of my first half a century of life on this earth, I start to wonder what happened to all that time that used to stretch out before me when I climbed trees and gazed at my hazy future. I have reached the age where I… Read more“It’s Time to Let Those Wrinkles Take Their Places”

Why I Season My Coffee With Cayenne

Call me odd, but I like to season just about everyting with cayenne pepper.  Coffee, hot cocoa, soup, pumpkin pie, cookies, pumpkin scones.  I do it because capsicum (what makes cayenne hot) is good for you.  It increases your circulation and adds flavor to just about anything. On cold, dark mornings,… Read more“Why I Season My Coffee With Cayenne”

Wanting Things to be the Same That Aren’t

Dear Indulgent Reader; What follows might astound you (or maybe not), but friends, nay, even family members have called me a bird nerd. I confess. I don’t mind the moniker. I even bashfully call myself a birder, although my hobby only started four years ago. I think of birding as… Read more“Wanting Things to be the Same That Aren’t”

Saying “Yes” to Forgiveness

Gentle Reader: I confess that this took longer than five minutes to write.  I ask your indulgence and challenge you to think about how you have ever had the opportunity to say “Yes!” to forgiveness.  It’s not an easy yes.  Especially when you come from a heritage of abuse and… Read more“Saying “Yes” to Forgiveness”

A Prayer for Here

God has me here for a reason. When the pressure builds and the bottom of my to-do list grows faster than the things I check off from the top of the list, he sends me grace notes to remind me that I am exactly where he needs me. Magical grace… Read more“A Prayer for Here”

I Don’t Have Favorites, and Neither Does God

I’ve always hated the word ‘favorite.’ I don’t DO favorites, I never have. Who’s your best friend? I don’t really have one, I have lots of friends and they are each unique. What’s your favorite color? Oh, definitely blue. Well, I really like purple too, and sometimes green is just… Read more“I Don’t Have Favorites, and Neither Does God”

Hide Me From My Children’s Mistakes!

“You’ll regret it!” I wanted to shout to the pregnant lady I saw in Wal Mart as she happily added sweet little pink baby clothes to her shopping cart. “They’re more trouble than they’re worth!” I felt like warning the young couple cooing over their newborn in the line in… Read more“Hide Me From My Children’s Mistakes!”

Feeling Lost?

I feel it again. That surge of anger that stems from confusion, from just. not. knowing. I feel lost.   It rises and lowers like the tide in an estuary. I never know if I’ll sink up to my shins in goopy sand, or if the surface will hold my… Read more“Feeling Lost?”