‘Together’ Means “Just the Three of Us”

When Pedro and I started falling in love in October of 1986, we thought ‘together’ meant spending every spare moment with each other in between classes and work. When we stood before family and friends two years later and vowed to love each other and stick together through the good… Read more“‘Together’ Means “Just the Three of Us””


Together. It’s an automatic response. When I see the word “together” I think of my husband – Randy. I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend when I started hanging out with Randy. But he was so amazing; calm, steady, logical, Christian, smart and fun. Somewhere through the year we were studying… Read more“Together”

Laundry (Confessions of a Love-Hate Affair)

Laundry? I hate doing laundry…I think. Pedro and I had a system that worked for twenty-one years of marriage. I did laundry one week, he did laundry the next. Our arrangement sprang from my strong beliefs that a woman’s place was NOT doing all of the quotidian chores if both… Read more“Laundry (Confessions of a Love-Hate Affair)”


Today I’m joining Lisa-Jo Baker and the Five-Minute Friday crowd for the prompt of the week: True. Writing for five minutes without editing or backtracking–Go! It’s true. I’m glad my son re-broke his nose and his rib might be broken as well. What kind of sick mother am I? What… Read more“True”

Red is a Legacy

Red is a Legacy Because the love of her life, her husband, was a redhead, my little Grandma prayed for redheaded children. She didn’t get any. She prayed for redheaded grandchildren. She didn’t get any. She tripled her efforts and prayed without ceasing for redheaded great-grand-children. She got three great-grand-daughters… Read more“Red is a Legacy”

Five-Minute Friday: Worship

I tried to do this in five minutes. I really did. After all, I’m a Christian woman who holds strongly to my faith. I base my work on my belief that we serve others.  I raise my children through prayers that God will parent more strongly than either my husband… Read more“Five-Minute Friday: Worship”