FMF – Season

  This Friday I’m linking up with Kate Motaung at Five Minute Friday.  We write for 5 minutes and publish!  Check out other great stories all on the prompt:  Season.     It’s the Christmas season.  It’s joyful.  It’s love-filled.  It’s about giving and yes, let’s be honest, it’s about… Read more“FMF – Season”

Weary of Loss, but Rejoicing Anyway

Join us at Kate Matoung’s Five-Minute Friday where writers write for five minutes at a prompt and post without editing or belaboring the post.  Then we comment.  Check it out – there’s always something good! This week the prompt is:  Weary. Last week the prompt was Dance, and I could… Read more“Weary of Loss, but Rejoicing Anyway”

Caregiving Sorrow Turned Into Joy

Today I join Kate Motaung and the writers at Five Minute Friday and the prompt is:  Joy. The first few moments after the doctor said the word “Leukemia” I was frozen, until I bolted for the bathroom and lost my stomach into the sink and stared at myself in the… Read more“Caregiving Sorrow Turned Into Joy”

TRUST (in the middle of caregiving)

This five-minute-Friday link up has been all day in the works.  I invented lots of excuses to not write today; it’s my birthday, I needed to run errands for my kids, this is a hard subject, I had a lot to do and I wasn’t feeling well. The truth however,… Read more“TRUST (in the middle of caregiving)”

Family: the Biggest Blessing to Caregivers

This has to be the easiest Five-Minute Friday prompt we’ve ever had AND it ties into my #write31days theme of unexpected blessings during caregiving.  I’m supposed to only write for five minutes, but I’ve had so many years of stocking up precious moments. Ready?  Set?  Go! Family: the Biggest Blessing… Read more“Family: the Biggest Blessing to Caregivers”

Write My Legacy

I reach for the box of tissues while my eyes remain glued to the computer screen. Air. Nothing but air. I tear my eyes from the screen and notice the pile of soggy tissues reaches to the top of the box. Rats! She’s done it again. I’m the privileged reader… Read more“Write My Legacy”

Hero Worship-A New Definition

Hero worship-a longing amongst humans to see the nature of God revealed to us. My apologies to Webster, who’s definition for ‘hero’ looks more like ‘a man of distinguished character’ or a ‘demigod’ or the ‘principal male character in a book or movie’. I’ve always struggled with the word ‘hero’,… Read more“Hero Worship-A New Definition”

The Last Visit

Today’s Five-Minute Friday Prompt: Visit The goal: Write for five minutes, then hit the ‘publish’ button. GO! The only thing recognizable about the face in front of us is the smile and the gentle heart behind it. Her head showcases stitches, seams and baldness left from chemo, surgery and radiation…. Read more“The Last Visit”

Courage to Let Kids to Fly

When I was five or six and we had a chicken egg incubator set up in our house. I watched the eggs every day, hoping to see the first crack in the shell. I remember squealing in delight and reaching my chubby fingers into the incubator—eager to grab an egg and… Read more“Courage to Let Kids to Fly”

Five-Minute Friday: Grace

the eyes of those who profess to care stare out of judgment ignoring stories they claim to hear but make no effort to understand and unravel the threads that bind the edges of my heart the tongues of those who claim a relationship whip and writhe in so many directions… Read more“Five-Minute Friday: Grace”