Family: the Biggest Blessing to Caregivers

This has to be the easiest Five-Minute Friday prompt we’ve ever had AND it ties into my #write31days theme of unexpected blessings during caregiving.  I’m supposed to only write for five minutes, but I’ve had so many years of stocking up precious moments. Ready?  Set?  Go! Family: the Biggest Blessing… Read more“Family: the Biggest Blessing to Caregivers”


Five-Minute-Friday: the group of writers who gather together every Thursday night or during the day Friday to grab an assigned word and write. Not a book. A 5-minute, unedited piece of your life, your dreams and your truth. If you had asked me, ten years ago, to write about the… Read more“Gather”

Double Close

It’s another Thursday and I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker and other wonderful writers for Five-Minute Friday. Our prompt this week is CLOSE. If you’d like to join the fun, find out how at Lisa-Jo’s blog. This week has been hectic and crazy and has driven me right over that… Read more“Double Close”

Dancing With Elvis and Scaring Ivy

I met Ivy the week Pedro’s hospital room started to heat up like an oven in the late summer sun. Finally, we couldn’t stand it any more, and I went to a mom and pop general store down the street and purchased some duct tape and purloined blankets from the… Read more“Dancing With Elvis and Scaring Ivy”

Proof Discovered in Home Videos

We watched home videos last night. Videos that we packed up a couple of moves ago and haven’t watched since. Random-moment-movies from about six years ago, and then a Christmas morning movie from 10 years ago. Movies that show our family in action and the changes that life brings. My… Read more“Proof Discovered in Home Videos”