Nothing…but Kind Words Really Help

Nothing. I felt nothing but physical pain that burned deep within my chest and thoracic cavity and made every breath an exercise in pain control (not a heart attack—I’d had that checked out). I had to put my regular exercise routine on hold (too hard to jog or even walk… Read more“Nothing…but Kind Words Really Help”

Regretting My Lack of Regard

The vest hangs in my closet, drab khaki, untouched since the last time we moved, over ten years ago. My grandmother gave it to me twenty-seven years ago, the day I graduated from college. When I opened the gift, I remember thanking her in my fake-enthusiastic way, “Wow, Grandma! Just… Read more“Regretting My Lack of Regard”

The Last Visit

Today’s Five-Minute Friday Prompt: Visit The goal: Write for five minutes, then hit the ‘publish’ button. GO! The only thing recognizable about the face in front of us is the smile and the gentle heart behind it. Her head showcases stitches, seams and baldness left from chemo, surgery and radiation…. Read more“The Last Visit”