A Caregiver Looks at Psalm 91

A Caregiver Looks at Psalm 91 I confess. I have a problem with Psalm 91. Have you read it lately? For the last seven months, I’ve studied the Psalms. Last week I came to Psalm 91 and it got my dander up. Why? Because as a caregiver, I KNOW that… Read more“A Caregiver Looks at Psalm 91”

An Open Letter to the New Cancer Caregiver Mom

Way back in that far away place stood a stunned mother, desperately trying to understand, to cope and to still look to the future when the world had narrowed to a small hospital room with a narrow bed and an even smaller boy. I found out this week that even… Read more“An Open Letter to the New Cancer Caregiver Mom”


Angels work in cancer wards. I’m sure of it. Ok, maybe not literal angels, but certainly humans who have a close connection to their Savior. How else could they show up for work each day with a smile and word of encouragement for the desperately ill on the cancer front?… Read more“Spoke”


The blue sky simmered overhead and a gentle breeze twisted the golden leaves in a graceful dance. Sarah and I revved our motorcycles and headed carefully up dirt road towards Bear Creek. It was a first. The first time I’d taken the motorcycles out without Pedro. The first time Sarah… Read more“Dance”

Miserable Comfort

Right before my caregiving journey, I found out that a dear lady and her husband (parents of Pedro’s students) were in the midst of their own cancer journey. He had prostrate cancer—and his health and healing became a matter of daily prayer for me—even during my darkest hours. Even though… Read more“Miserable Comfort”


Inadequate. Incredibly inadequate and unable to perform the simplest tasks. That’s how I felt after the initial adrenalin rush that carried us through Pedro’s cancer diagnosis and first few rounds of treatment. The last quarter of school had progressed in a haze of lack of sleep, worry and multitasking. I… Read more“Inadequate”

He Is

I shoved my feet into my boots and grabbed a pair of mittens before I headed out the door towards the crusty snow that formed a dirty blanket in the field across from our house. I turned back once and saw the warm lights of our home mocking me. Cancer?!… Read more“He Is”

31 Days of Comfort for Caregivers

[shareable]#Caregivers need a daily dose of comfort![/shareable] That’s what I craved during my caregiving season. It didn’t matter if I found myself in the midst of a medical emergency, surrounded by frantic hospital staff, or awakened in the quiet of the night from my restless slumber on a hard hospital… Read more“31 Days of Comfort for Caregivers”