A Near Truth is Really a Lie

Going to Church, but Avoiding the Members The exhaust from our 4Runner billowed like clouds in the sub-zero temperatures. Snow squeaked under my feet as I went outside to check the temperature in the vehicle. I felt chagrinned that we would drive less than a block before parking. Church was… Read more“A Near Truth is Really a Lie”

Why Do I Adore Him?

Why do I adore him? A child born in a dank, dark stable, filled with dung, animal feces and cows softly chewing their cuds. Why did our Savior come to us this way? If Jesus had been born in a fancy palace, with attending physicians and 600 thread-count cotton sheets… Read more“Why Do I Adore Him?”

Is it for Reals?

“Can you deliver this to your mom?” my dad asked as he handed me a small poinsettia plant. “It’s to decorate the library,” he explained, “I bought her a big one for the house.” He got back in his car and drove on home whilst I continued on my way… Read more“Is it for Reals?”

Voices in the Desert: A Child of Promise

      I got what I paid for. After all, it was Thanksgiving week in San Francisco. Despite the usurious rate of $89.99 a night (and that was 12 years ago), the postage-stamp sized hotel room had stained carpet, peeling wallpaper and towels as thick as toilet paper. They… Read more“Voices in the Desert: A Child of Promise”


We celebrated our most lavish Christmas three days early, and I can’t even remember where we were on Christmas Day. I don’t remember what we gave as presents. But presents didn’t make our Christmas lavish. Presence did. Pedro spent ten glorious days at home with our girls—and the present of… Read more“Lavish”

How to Help a Caregiver at Christmas

A Caregiver at Christmas Feels Double the Stress Contrary to the song, Christmas is NOT “the most wonderful time of the year” for caregivers. It’s that time of year when all the ‘what ifs’ pile up in their brains as they silently mourn Christmases past and what to do in… Read more“How to Help a Caregiver at Christmas”