Five Valuable Resources for Caregivers in Crisis

Other People Can Become Your Most Valuable Resource When disaster strikes, how does a person decide what to share on social media and with whom to share the information? Ultimately, the decision should rest squarely in the hands of the person who is sick. In the case of an ill… Read more“Five Valuable Resources for Caregivers in Crisis”

Truth and Grace: the Cornerstones of Surviving as a Caregiver

Cornerstones of Caregiving: Truth and Grace They say God provides grace for every moment of a caregiver’s journey. True. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Moments of doubt and frustration; Tired of wearing a happy-face-state-of-grace and tired of acting like the strong one who could shoulder the chemo and the… Read more“Truth and Grace: the Cornerstones of Surviving as a Caregiver”

The Dangers of Neglecting Self-Care for Caregivers

Neglecting Yourself Can Lead to Weight Gain I learned the lesson the hard way. When my husband had non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma with central nervous system involvement, I didn’t take care of myself. I spent all of my energies taking care of him, trying to keep up with my job, and parent… Read more“The Dangers of Neglecting Self-Care for Caregivers”

Find Valuable Resources at Caregiver Connections

Resources for Caregivers During Pedro’s battle with cancer I often felt clueless. For example, I didn’t know that hospitals made arrangements for air ambulances. I didn’t know that the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society gave grants to help family members travel. The one cancer caregiving resource that I knew about (Ronald… Read more“Find Valuable Resources at Caregiver Connections”

The End of an Era and Making New Connections

An Ending… For over four years Blessed (but Stressed) has hosted the Inspire Me Monday linkup—sometimes other bloggers have acted as co-hosts, sometimes not. We’ve loved making connections with all of you! For the past two years, writers and readers have found community over at, as well. I started the… Read more“The End of an Era and Making New Connections”

Intercessory Prayers Provide Invisible Lift

Christians often say they will ‘lift someone up in prayer,’ but what does it really mean? I can’t give you a theological answer, but I can offer you my experiences with the powerful lift of prayer. Startled Awake “Pray for British envoy Terry Waite,” the voice startled me awake from… Read more“Intercessory Prayers Provide Invisible Lift”

Forgiveness and Caregiving Create Amazing Changes

My mom died before she grew old, I was thirty-nine. She was gone before my daughters, Jessica and Caitlin, graduated high school and walked down the aisle. I never thought I’d spend the last half of my life without her. It was Thanksgiving 1998, her diagnosis came as a shock… Read more“Forgiveness and Caregiving Create Amazing Changes”