What a Rubber Ducky Taught Me About Salvation

Rubber Ducky Memories I walked into the guest bathroom this morning and saw my grandson’s rubber ducky sitting on the edge of tub. Memories of a smaller tub and a similar rubber ducky floated into my head. January 3, 2003—Pedro had eaten his breakfast one painstaking bite at a time…. Read more“What a Rubber Ducky Taught Me About Salvation”

Wait (it’s Not Always Easy)

After Pedro’s stem cell transplant, we settled in to wait. Wait for the stem cells to race to repair all that the chemo had killed. Wait for the doctors to discharge Pedro from the hospital. Wait for the release to return home to Montana. Unfortunately, I had to wait in… Read more“Wait (it’s Not Always Easy)”

Hope (and the Inspire Me Mondays Link Up)

Hope smells like rotting grapefruits. I’d smelled it before, as Pedro and I shuffled around Elven Long on our daily exercise laps. The first time I smelled it, I joked with him, “It stinks just like the gymnasium did when you guys sold fruit last year!” He looked at me… Read more“Hope (and the Inspire Me Mondays Link Up)”