Self-care for Caregivers is NOT an Oxymoron

Caregiver Self-Care is NOT an Oxymoron If you’re deep in the throes of caregiving, you probably hear the, ‘Take time to care for yourself,’ advice from multiple people. It sounds like an oxymoron. Who’s got time for that? You shake your head and let the suggestion roll off your already… Read more“Self-care for Caregivers is NOT an Oxymoron”

Shadowing in Alzheimer’s: Two Sides of a Coin

The Problem With Alzheimer’s When a beloved family member receives an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, long-term care is a big issue in the United States. This is especially true when the recipients and their family members have to contend with a condition as devastating as Alzheimer’s disease. Although caregivers have unlimited access to… Read more“Shadowing in Alzheimer’s: Two Sides of a Coin”

He Lives within my Heart

 “He lives within my heart!” It’s amazing to stand in an auditorium filled with Christian pastors and teachers and have all 300 or so lifting their hearts to God together in song.  I loved every moment.  Until they introduced the hymn, “He Lives”.  The song leader motioned everyone to stand… Read more“He Lives within my Heart”

How to Bring Joy to a Caregiver

Psst! Do you want to bring a little joy into a caregiver’s life? “How do I know if I know a caregiver?” you might ask. Good question. A caregiver is someone who bears the responsibility of taking care of someone who can’t take care of him or herself. Family caregivers… Read more“How to Bring Joy to a Caregiver”

When the Caregiving is Over – my dad

Today my daddy went to sleep in Jesus. An example of steady and firm faith in the saving grace of Jesus Christ, he has always been a person of wise advice, sure guidance and steadfast love. Dad grew up on the streets of Boston but thanks to the kindness of a… Read more“When the Caregiving is Over – my dad”

Alzheimer’s Cannot Steal my Father’s Peace

My dad is a brilliant civil engineer who has overseen countless building projects, road construction and city designs and he can’t remember where he lives nor that he built the house in the first place.  My dad is an amazing musician who sings the Lord’s Prayer in a way guaranteed… Read more“Alzheimer’s Cannot Steal my Father’s Peace”

Leave the Light on for Me – Alzheimer’s Caregiving

“Ok Mom, you take care, let me talk to dad a second.” It’s the first time I’ve spoken with Dad since he got out of the hospital.  The diagnosis is years old, the problem is new every day. Alzheimer’s. Mom can’t take dad home unless he can walk and this… Read more“Leave the Light on for Me – Alzheimer’s Caregiving”

The Caregiver with Four Legs: a therapy dog story

Every caregiver will tell you–it’s hard to give care all alone. Dad’s hands gripped the walker as he took a couple of steps from the table. He looked up, his eyes bright and laughing, “What’s next? Where do I go?” Mom loaded dishes into the dishwasher, so I answered, “Where… Read more“The Caregiver with Four Legs: a therapy dog story”

God’s Plan: A Blueprint for Life

God’s Plan is the Master Blueprint Dad sat on the end of the sofa and mom sat in the chair next to it. It was Friday night after my children’s Christmas concert. The kids were in bed and my husband sat on the loveseat while I sprawled on the floor… Read more“God’s Plan: A Blueprint for Life”


The doors of the hospital whooshed open and I nodded at Pedro’s intern who headed out as I headed in. She smiled and stopped to chat. “That was quite the experience last night, wasn’t it?” I nodded numbly. Pedro had started convulsing just hours after receiving his first chemotherapy treatment… Read more“Faint”