Shadowing in Alzheimer’s: Two Sides of a Coin

The Problem With Alzheimer’s When a beloved family member receives an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, long-term care is a big issue in the United States. This is especially true when the recipients and their family members have to contend with a condition as devastating as Alzheimer’s disease. Although caregivers have unlimited access to… Read more“Shadowing in Alzheimer’s: Two Sides of a Coin”

The Caregiver with Four Legs: a therapy dog story

Every caregiver will tell you–it’s hard to give care all alone. Dad’s hands gripped the walker as he took a couple of steps from the table. He looked up, his eyes bright and laughing, “What’s next? Where do I go?” Mom loaded dishes into the dishwasher, so I answered, “Where… Read more“The Caregiver with Four Legs: a therapy dog story”

There is Hope for Your Suffering

Dear Caregiver; I know your confusion and despair. I’ve sat with Deep Sadness and he makes an uncomfortable companion—especially when he invites his buddy Hopeless to join us. Everyone seems to focus on the one you selflessly care for—conversation revolves around the latest tests, remedies, prescriptions, progress and setbacks. And… Read more“There is Hope for Your Suffering”

He Is

I shoved my feet into my boots and grabbed a pair of mittens before I headed out the door towards the crusty snow that formed a dirty blanket in the field across from our house. I turned back once and saw the warm lights of our home mocking me. Cancer?!… Read more“He Is”