The Need to be Prepared Robs You of the Delight of Doing

The boys burst out of church and ran wildly towards the cafeteria, skidding to a stop on the slush-covered sidewalks and whirling in wonder as the fluffy flakes of snow drifted gently to the ground. The thermometer hovered around 28 degrees, and the morning’s weather had alternated between heavy winds… Read more“The Need to be Prepared Robs You of the Delight of Doing”

Confessions of a Grumpy, Tarnished Woman

I blew it this week.  I let my grumpy-middle-aged-stuck-in-the-mud-stressed persona shine through.  As I study the Advent each morning, I pray that the beautiful words of the prophets and psalmist will calm my soul and prepare me for a day of dealing with squirrels students. The cold and darkness linger… Read more“Confessions of a Grumpy, Tarnished Woman”

Leaving Jesus

At one point during the Christmas program, Mary and Joseph hopped up and joined the other students at the edge of the stage to sing. ‘Mary’ left ‘Baby Jesus’ on the bench, where she had kept him propped between her and ‘Joseph’ during the visits from the shepherds and the… Read more“Leaving Jesus”

The Beautiful Gifts We Bring

Mary walked down the aisle of the church, head down, as if in shame. Her bulky dress covered her slim body, and an old, ripped up sheet held in place with a green headband covered her hair. Joseph walked beside her, hesitant and proud at the same time. When they… Read more“The Beautiful Gifts We Bring”

Why Do I Adore Him?

Why do I adore him? A child born in a dank, dark stable, filled with dung, animal feces and cows softly chewing their cuds. Why did our Savior come to us this way? If Jesus had been born in a fancy palace, with attending physicians and 600 thread-count cotton sheets… Read more“Why Do I Adore Him?”

Keeping Christmas Simple {a Sandwich Spread Story}

You would’t think there would be much of a story about a sandwich spread, but any party-appropriate dish lovingly known as ‘goop’ should have a story, right?  For the rest of the story and a super simple recipe, hop on over to Tobi’s place where I’m a guest on her blog… Read more“Keeping Christmas Simple {a Sandwich Spread Story}”

Prepare Your Heart, Not Your Hearth

The year we lived in the ancient yellow farmhouse near the end of the holler near Clarksburg, West Virginia, my decided that sacrificing a tree for Christmas was wrong. At least, I think that was his reasoning. That’s what mom said, anyway. My older sister may remember a different reason—maybe… Read more“Prepare Your Heart, Not Your Hearth”

Calling Out His Names

I’ve stood on a street corner, suitcase in hand, longing for a clean, safe place to rest my weary head, Night falling, Despair calling But bands of unknown terror didn’t sieze me nor the birth of a miracle child await me. I’ve settled for the night on a hard fold-out… Read more“Calling Out His Names”

Voices in the Desert: A Child of Promise

      I got what I paid for. After all, it was Thanksgiving week in San Francisco. Despite the usurious rate of $89.99 a night (and that was 12 years ago), the postage-stamp sized hotel room had stained carpet, peeling wallpaper and towels as thick as toilet paper. They… Read more“Voices in the Desert: A Child of Promise”