Autopilot – the mode of operation for long-term caregivers

Autopilot becomes the way we handle things flung at us as new caregivers.  Actually, who am I kidding?  It didn’t get easier just because it became longer – in fact, the longer I lived on emergency-ready, life-and-death mode, the grayer my world became.  My son was four-years-0ld when we started… Read more“Autopilot – the mode of operation for long-term caregivers”

Patients and Patience

I found myself unable to finish my 31 days of Unexpected Blessings in October, but I’ve enjoyed writing about the blessings that came from caring for a child with cancer (even though no one would choose that journey) and so want to finish the series.   I’m a “plan it”… Read more“Patients and Patience”

One Word-2015

I adjusted my mask and dunked my head under the turbid water. The low-hanging clouds and wind-whipped white caps occluded the surface of the ocean, and I had no idea what I’d see when I dunked my head under. The previous days’ snorkeling trips had all started in crystal clear… Read more“One Word-2015”

Setting My Camera on Auto

We entered the forest in a pool of light, which disappeared as the road narrowed and climbed towards the parking area three-quarters of a mile away. Redwoods shot upwards on every side, and leaned in over the road, blocking sunlight, blue sky and even sounds. The temperature outside dropped, and… Read more“Setting My Camera on Auto”

The Beautiful Gifts We Bring

Mary walked down the aisle of the church, head down, as if in shame. Her bulky dress covered her slim body, and an old, ripped up sheet held in place with a green headband covered her hair. Joseph walked beside her, hesitant and proud at the same time. When they… Read more“The Beautiful Gifts We Bring”

Is it for Reals?

“Can you deliver this to your mom?” my dad asked as he handed me a small poinsettia plant. “It’s to decorate the library,” he explained, “I bought her a big one for the house.” He got back in his car and drove on home whilst I continued on my way… Read more“Is it for Reals?”

Something for Nothing

We won’t celebrate Christmas at home this year, and so we agreed (for the second year in a row) to forego purchasing a Christmas tree. Our first year in Arizona, I ended up buying a live tree—with the idea that we could keep it on our back porch and drag… Read more“Something for Nothing”

Fifty Marathons after Sixty? Let Lillian Inspire You!

At 23, I felt pretty invincible. So, when my Aunt Lillian casually asked me if I’d like to run in a 5K race, I accepted on a whim. I should have known better than to accept an invitation for a fun run from a 65-year-old—no matter how charming her smile.

The Vegetarian’s Guide to Roasting a Turkey

Love inspires me to do crazy things. For example, decide to roast a turkey for my students for an early Thanksgiving Dinner.  My husband and I work at a boarding school, and each staff member chooses a faculty family–a small group of students that we’ll mentor and hang out with over… Read more“The Vegetarian’s Guide to Roasting a Turkey”

Five Ways to Help a Caregiver This Thanksgiving

You CAN Make a Difference! Thanksgiving means different things to different people. If you’re a guy, it might mean football (either as a couch potato or out on the front lawn). For women, it might mean cooking for hours on end all to have the feast disappear in thirty minutes… Read more“Five Ways to Help a Caregiver This Thanksgiving”