Glaciers, Relationships and Religion

Finding a Glacier “What’s one thing you really want to do in Alaska this summer?” I asked Pedro before our trip started. “Walk on a glacier,” he replied. “Awesome! I already have that on my list of fifty fun firsts. Too bad you won’t turn fifty until after we get… Read more“Glaciers, Relationships and Religion”

Five Tips for Learning to Forgive the Jerk at Work

  How long should it take us to forgive? Years ago my sister-in-law organized a pool party for Sarah’s sixth or seventh birthday. We lived about four hours away, and planned to visit them during a vacation—which also happened to include Sarah’s birthday. I enjoyed the break from party planning,… Read more“Five Tips for Learning to Forgive the Jerk at Work”

Hype only Builds Hysteria

Hysteria has been around for a long time, and the end results remain the same. It starts when fear raises its ugly head, looks around and tries to convince someone else to join a fight. It acts as a smokescreen to a person’s sense of inadequacy. It ends in someone… Read more“Hype only Builds Hysteria”

Glaciers, Goals and Goats in Banff National Park

Glaciers, Mountain Goats and Goals As part of my fiftieth celebration, I created a list of fifty fun firsts for my fiftieth year.  This summer, Pedro and I headed to Alaska to visit Sarah. Along the way, we plan on experiencing as many things from the list as possible. Under… Read more“Glaciers, Goals and Goats in Banff National Park”

I Want to be Like A Whale

Why Would Anyone WANT to be Like a Whale? I quit dying my hair ten years ago, around the same time I quit wearing face powder, mascara (unless it’s a really special event) and eye shadow. I don’t have anything against hair dying and makeup, I just got tired of spending… Read more“I Want to be Like A Whale”

Ways to Celebrate the Big Five-O

The Big Five-O About two months ago I decided that to celebrate the big five-o, I would create a list of fifty things I wanted to do during my fiftieth year. Finding fifty fun firsts has proved more difficult than I expected. Last night, I decided I’d better put pen… Read more“Ways to Celebrate the Big Five-O”

Finding Haven on Earth

I didn’t leave a letter out on this post’s title.  I really want to talk about finding haven on earth, not ‘heaven’.  Because, well, we won’t find heaven down here.  But we can find haven. Harbor. Port. Refuge. Favorable opportunities. For me, a haven represents anything that brings peace to… Read more“Finding Haven on Earth”

The Waif in the Grocery Store

I stood in front of the produce display, contemplating the relative merits of organic ‘still alive’ butter lettuce and prepackaged hearts of romaine when a quiet voice caught my attention. “Excuse me, Ma’am, could you buy me and my friend some food?” I turned to see who had voiced the… Read more“The Waif in the Grocery Store”

What I Wish Christians Understood about Cheer

Are Kind Words Enough to Cheer Up an Anxious Person? It says it right there in Proverbs 12:25, “Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up.” Unfortunately, some Christians believe kind words can serve as the only antidote to anxiety. They can’t. Kind words provide a… Read more“What I Wish Christians Understood about Cheer”

What Would You Try if You Knew You Had Already Won?

What Would You Try if You Knew You Had Already Won? “What time are you hoping to run it in?” the well-dressed, silver-haired runner in front of me asked as we waited in the chill morning air near the front of our color group. “I just want to make it… Read more“What Would You Try if You Knew You Had Already Won?”