Praying for a Cure – Childhood Cancer

The words, “children” and “cancer” should never be in the same sentence, let alone the words, “childhood cancer.” It’s just wrong.   I might be extra sensitive, having battled through my boy’s childhood leukemia and still dealing with the consequences all these years later.  But I don’t think I’m special or unique.  I’m pretty certain that any one of us, seeing those St. Jude Hospital (and medical research facility) commercials, feel a little heart-tug.

I cannot help but follow certain families that come through prayer chain requests.  Even when I do not personally know them, it hits me hard!  It’s a helpless feeling – the fixer in me wants to jump in and help, but having gone through the journey, I know I cannot fix –  just help, pray, give and care.

This week, I’m inviting you to share with me. No, don’t panic, I’m not asking you to donate or give (although I’m sure that would be fine too).  I’m just asking for a moment of your time to pray.  A little girl named Julianna has been fighting a rare type of brain cancer.  The family has flown her to England for treatments and is now somewhere else in an effort to find treatment and comfort for their precious little one.  My heart aches.

Julianna – Praying for a Cure
Childhood Cancer

Click here to read just a little about her:  Julianna’s Journey.

Yes, this is a donation site, but it also gives some background.

There is also this facebook group, where you can follow her story.

So today, in the middle of sharing our blog posts and praying for each other.  I’m asking you to pray for Julianna, and all the other children out there fighting unimaginable battles, whether it’s cancer or some other disease.


I cannot wait for Heaven, where cancer will be obliterated and replaced with happiness and health.  Until then, let’s pray for each other!

I cannot wait for Heaven, where cancer will be obliterated and replaced with happiness and health. Until then, let's pray for each other! Click To Tweet
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