More Some: Desiring more of our Father’s gifts

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A little child’s trust in the love of her father: more some

Chubby, pink-stained fingers clutched the bowl out in front of her, “More some!” begged my little two-year-old as she followed her daddy around the yard.  Her red-rimmed mouth pursed in the most delightful way as she stumbled along behind him, repeating her request, “More some!”

Of course it worked.  Daddy, no matter what he was working on, headed over to the rambling raspberry bushes taking over our fence-line.  He picked the biggest, ripest, and sweetest berries he could find and loaded her little Raggedy-Ann bowl.  She perched on the garden wall and waited, kicking her feet in anticipation, grinning at me as I watched.

“More some,” she announced with great satisfaction.

Daddy handed her the bowl and she lisped, “T’ank you!” and ate her berries with gusto.

“More some” is a phrase Daddy and Mommy came to treasure.  Our daughter’s complete trust in the fruit Daddy would choose, her delight in the simple treat and her persistence to gain something, even when she didn’t even have the right words to do so, gave us joy.

That sweet little red-head turns 22 tomorrow.  She’s almost done with her junior year in college and hoping to head for medical school.  She still wants “more some.”

And I’m glad.

It’s a positive trait – pushing for more.  Not because you’re dissatisfied with what you have, but because your goals are higher: your dreams are bigger!

Working your way up the ladder.

Striving for higher grades.

Seeking a healthier relationship.

Hoping for a cure.

Praying for a miracle.

Increasing trust in the love of our Heavenly Father and the gifts He wants to bestow on us.  Delighting in the things He has provided and persisting in our desire for MORE.

More some.

More of Jesus.

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  • Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    Great post, Carol, and a sweet picture!

    Wanting to be more like Jesus though, can lead down a different road…the Via Dolorosa, and that’s where I am now. I realized awhile back that if there’s any kind of zero-sum thing working with pain, that I could take more and someone else would have less…that’s what I want. I want the pain, and the humiliation, and the despair, so I can carry that for another.

    This may be a massive conceit, but it’s heartfelt, and believing it, how could I turn away? It’s not an attempt to be ‘good’ or gain brownie points with God; the former I am not, and the latter’s impossible. It’s just that I’d rather see me suffer than someone else, and if this is the way the universe works, bring it.

    #1 at FMF this week.

    • As always, you bring another perspective!

  • the more.. it’s good to want more… as long as we temper that within the call of Christ. 🙂 Too many people don’t and their mores’ are never enough.

    • Oh you are so right! Moderation in all things – except for our level of trust in God. For that, we should jump all in! 🙂

  • I love the story of your daughter and how the desire for more reflected trust in her father that he cared about her desires and wanted to give her good things. I love that we can come in the same way to our Heavenly Father too. Visiting from FMF#14.

  • Andréa Lane

    What a beautiful story. I had this same sweet trust for my daddy as well, and he didn’t join my life until I was about 3.5. It reminds me to, to look to my Aba Father and say “more some” and trust that His yes or His no will be what’s best for me. So much to ponder here! Thanks for sharing, Andréa

    • That trusting thing is so hard sometimes, isn’t it. We’re blessed by a patient father!

  • Susan

    Carol, where do the years go? I know you are proud of your girl! Our granddaughter is about to finish her sophomore year at Liberty University and I’m still thinking about we are going to do “special” this summer when she comes for her summer vacay!!! That’s not going to happen – she has to take 4 online classes so there isn’t much vacation in her immediate future! Great post.

    • It’s so crazy to watch your kids or grandkids go through that. I know my son is probably home for his last year (senior in high school) and I keep thinking we better make it count!

  • Tara L Ulrich

    Yes! “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart!” I’m in the 50 spot this week.

  • Amy

    Oh wow…it’s neat to see how God has used “more some” to grow a daughter!

  • carol, i loved your take on this word:)

    • Thank you Martha! I have to admit it’s not my usual – I’d usually be saying to not be greedy! 🙂

  • Aww! How cute! It’s so hard to believe that twenty years have passed by in the blink of an eye!