Reasons to Remember the Journey


End-of-the-Journey Blues

At the end of our very long road trip this summer, in which Pedro flew home and I drove from Alaska to Arizona by myself, I confess that it took us a day or two to readjust to each other. After all, we’d been separated for ten days and we’d each experienced different trials and triumphs.

His had to do with work and getting ready for a new school year. Mine had to do with not getting lost and remembering the details of safely towing a 25-foot trailer. We may have sniped at each other a time or two. In our end-of-the-vacation-blues mode, we miscommunicated and took offense where none had been offered.

How quickly we forget the journey—which brought us closer together as we experienced new places and adventures together. How easy to forget the moments where we bonded over glaciers calving and sea otters floating serenely next to a boat.

Looking through photos of the trip, even just the quick shots from my cell phone, reminded me of the joy in our journey and the good times. Hanging out with Sarah on her days off and exploring Alaska with each other.

We discovered the world’s best rhubarb pie (homemade at Long Rifle Lodge between Glenallen and Anchorage). We counted wildlife along the way (including 10 black bears and six grizzlies). Each highpoint etched in our memories and affirmed our love. Each trial and roadblock strengthened our teamwork and dependence on each other.

Remember the Journey

Micah 6:5b tells us, “Remember your journey from Shittim to Gilgal, that you may know the righteous acts of the Lord.”

Fourteen years ago Pedro’s life hung between life and death. God granted us a miracle; ever since we have paid close attention to the journey and what it taught us. Each milestone marks a gift of time that represenRememberts pure grace.

Pedro didn’t think he would see our girls finish eighth grade—and he lived to watch them both graduate from high school.

He wondered if he would ever get to meet a son-in-law, and now he has one who shares his love for dirt-biking and taking trucks on hard trails.

He didn’t know if he’d make it to their college graduations, but he’s seen Laura and Louis graduate with honors. Sarah will finish college in a few years, and she’s chosen to go into the family business—teaching.

Pedro only hoped beyond hope that one day, he would hold his grandchild in his arms.

This weekend he met Abel for the first time. One more milestone, one more reason to remember the journey and give thanks for the righteous acts of the Lord.

Getting Grumpy with God

All too often we get grumpy with God when things don’t go our way. We forget that he never promised to send us down easy paths and build us a house on easy street.

The antidote to a grumpy attitude towards God remains as simple as those words from Micah. Remember the journey. [shareable]We forget that God never promised to build us a house on easy street. [/shareable]

Take time each day, each week and each month to remember the journey. Try to reframe what happened in the correct context.

God didn’t cause the cancer, but everyone in the hospital who thought Pedro would die knows what a miracle looks like.

Sarah’s struggles with mental illness didn’t come from God, but the miracles he worked through the dark times stand as a testament to his righteous acts.

God didn’t cause the job losses and financial setbacks, but the jobs he sent uniquely prepared Pedro for his present job. Testament to yet another righteous act of the Lord.

What about you? Do you have any journey points you need to remember?

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