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Today’s word is Create:  This is another chance to write with the crowd at Five-Minute-Fridays over at Kate Motaung’s blog.  We write for five minutes and post.  We give each other feedback and just encourage that writing process!  Join…it’s fun!

Take a chance, accept a challenge and create your own future.

Take a chance, accept a challenge and create your own future.

For me it’s a summer of packing, sorting, cleaning and giving away.

Wrapping, throwing and saying goodbye.

It’s a summer of leaving what we know, selling what we had and signing

off on a life in the Midwest.

Committing, driving and saying thank you and so long to all we’ve created.


For me, it’s a summer of unpacking, finding what fits and adjusting to change.

Seeking, searching and saying hello.

It’s a new chance for building friendships, fresh possibilities and a life back on the west coast.

Committing, experiencing and deciding to create our future.


For me, none of this is easy: uprooting, replanting and hoping it grows

Changing, accepting, and saying I can.

It’s a new challenge in a new place with a new job.

Committing, accepting and choosing to rejoice in the creation of our future.


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  • Hi Carol,

    Wow! Great use of words here. I couldn’t have written like this. Short but nice.

    Dropping here from FMF to just say hi.

  • i feel for you carol. we have moved often during our life together but i hate the moving process! it is exciting in some ways but the older i got, the less exciting and the more sad it became:( we moved here 3 years ago and i still don’t totally feel settled from the move. maybe someday… we’ll see. i do feel settled in terms of some new friends and being close to some family.
    will be praying for you as you adjust to the new changes…positive and negative. blessings:)
    martha brady recently posted…3 MEANS OF GRACE GOD HAS PROVIDED FOR YOU…My Profile

  • Blessings on your new journey.
    Tara recently posted…To CreateMy Profile

  • There’s always such pain in moving. Part of me thinks the sorrow runs deep because we are eternal people trapped in impermanence. May God comfort you in this transition!
    Marie recently posted…Five Minute Friday: CreateMy Profile

  • Thanks for writing. I, too, am having the same kind of summer. Didn’t much feel like writing on the word “build” last week, because what we left behind is still raw and vivid in my mind. Sometimes we build and create out of necessity, and the joy comes later. Thanks for your transparency. I’m with you, girl.