I Need to Celebrate Fifty Fun Firsts

fifty fun firstsIn less than two months I’ll hit a new decade and I’ve decided to make the transition fun. I think I have Pedro convinced to try it too. We want to accomplish fifty fun firsts in our fiftieth year (try saying that ten times fast!). Some of the things on our list will overlap, because we love trying new things together.  Other things he has no desire to try (and since cancer and it’s side effects, some things aren’t physically possible–backpacking, for instance).

New decades provide a great opportunity to evaluate my routines and branch out to try new things—if they don’t fit at least I tried something different. With fewer than fifty days until the commencement of my fiftieth year, I need some help coming up with ideas.

I have a few personal guidelines for my fifty fun firsts list. The firsts can’t cost too much, because we live on a budget. In addition, now is not the time to try anything immoral or illegal. Now that that’s out of the way, I need your help in generating ideas for my list!

The top of my list includes hiking the Grand Canyon from rim to rim in one day (I think it’s 21.5 miles). I’ve done the south rim to the river and back up again (17 miles) in one day, so I’m fairly confident that I’m ready for the big trip.

Another must do on my list is to visit Havasu Falls—we have a couple of students who live in Supai, and I keep telling them I’m going to hike down and visit them. The time has arrived (ok, I’ll have to wait until October because the trail down gets a little toasty in May).

I’ve always wanted to drive to Alaska, which we’ll be doing this summer. Sarah will be working up there again, so we have the perfect excuse for a road trip.

Three down, forty-seven to go. I would love to hear your suggestions for fifty fun firsts to do in my fiftieth year. This information might help you help me: I love to read a wide variety of genres. I enjoy physical challenges. If any of you live in Alaska or have visited before, I could use ideas on what to see and where to go.

I’ll keep everyone posted on my final fifty—thank you in advance to helping me out!

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