God is Bigger than my Limits!

When I've reached my limit, God will do what I cannot.

When I’ve reached my limit, God will do what I cannot.

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At the end of my limit.

Hit the wall.
Give up.
Feel overwhelmed.
Drop dead tired.
Too much to do.
No one understands.
It doesn’t matter.

Am I the only one that has had at least one of these thoughts cross my mind this week? Anyone out there feeling like you’ve reached bottom, or maybe a better phrase is “had it up to here’?

I read my partner’s writing before starting my own (click here to read Anita’s) and found myself laughing aloud.  This week, Judgy McJudgerton smacked me upside the head. Only I was the judgee, not the judger.  And boy does that hurt!

This week, I hit my limit.  It wasn’t fun.  It’s still not fun.

But this week I’ve also been blessed beyond measure.  One of my students is facing a really rough time and I’ve watched classmates and teachers bond and help out, offering encouragement and unconditional support.  I’ve seen past students reaching milestones in their lives and growing in God’s grace.  I’ve gotten a note of encouragement and been stopped by a parent who absolutely loves the unit I’m teaching in class and what they see their student learning.  I had a friend send me a whole list of Bible verses, just because.

I felt limited, boxed in, earlier this week.  And, in all honesty, I still do a little bit.  But that is only because I have a limited view.  I see today, but my God sees my future, and that of my children and my students.  I see troubles.  God sees growth opportunities. I see sadness and God sees miracles.

And when I remind myself of that, my view changes.  I am blessed to serve a God of limitless strength!

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