A Different Kind of Quiet

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Some people thrive on noise, action, conversation, music and the hum of constant conversation.

Not me.

Most of the time I’d rather text or email than talk on the phone. I’d rather tweet than talk. I’d rather read than watch a movie or TV. I don’t often listen to music when I come home from work. I just want to sink into the quiet of the empty house, or walk outside where I only hear the wind’s whisper.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy people and family and friends, I just need large doses of quiet to counterbalance all the noise in my life (after all, I teach, and that’s a messy, noisy, cacophonous job if there ever was one).

Yesterday I wrote about my heavenly head slap and the realization that I need to be life hospitable and willing to share my life. Of course, I imagined that God meant I could do it quietly, person to person or in writing. That same afternoon, we received an invitation to go somewhere with someone for the day over the weekend.

I wanted to decline. A road trip would NOT be a quiet thing. I don’t feel like spending hours and hours in the car with people-not-my-family. Because let’s face it, it’s ok to yell out, “I’ve gotta pee!” or roll down the window and say, “Bless you” when you pass gas (new research shows that that fart gas is actually healthy) whilst riding with family. With acquaintances, not so much.

But yesterday morning I wrote about trying to live more hospitably—and God called me on my intention just to make sure I put my money where my fingers are.

So I’m going on a road trip this weekend with people I don’t know very well. Along the way, I pray I’ll find opportunities to vulnerably share what the Holy Spirit impresses me to share (I figure that if God arranged the trip, he’ll arrange the conversations). Maybe I won’t experience the quiet that I hoped for, but I’ll probably experience the quiet satisfaction of acting our of obedience rather than preference.

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What about you?  Are you an introvert or an extrovert? How does your personality help or hinder sharing the gospel?