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Life is Precious

“There’s the heartbeat!” the tech exclaimed as we ignored our daughter and crowded around the TV screen. Sure enough, a tiny pulse of light beat out a staccato rhythm in the raspberry-sized formation—our grandchild-in-progress at seven and a half weeks gestation.

An awed silence filled the room. “I never thought I’d be present for this moment,” Pedro said. “I can die happy now.”

Don’t get me wrong—he’s not near death (as far as we know—only God knows the number of our days). But humor in life AD (after diagnosis) varies greatly from humor in life BC (before cancer). He said the same thing when each of the girls graduated from eighth grade, and then high school, and when he walked Laura down the aisle, and when she graduated from college.

Staring death in the face leaves a person with a greater appreciation for the present of the present. Click To Tweet

One does not normally celebrate a heartbeat—but we did. We left the imaging center, piled in the truck and celebrated with a big breakfast at a nearby restaurant. The five of us laughed and enjoyed our last day of Christmas vacation together before heading back to Laura and Louis’ house to finish our remodeling job.

Late that afternoon, just as the sun started to slip below the low-hanging clouds, we gathered in the backyard and tried to get their dog to cooperate for a photo shoot. Only one of the thirty or so shots turned out (Bella insisted on moving—mostly to check out Pedro’s every move on the back porch).

And now, Laura and Louis are ready to share their news with the world via Bella’s announcement:
Bella's Announcement

I have now attained grandmother-in-training status.  What are your favorite grandma memories (either with your grandma or as a grandma)?

Anita currently teaches English to 7th-12th graders. She describes herself as a ‘recovering cancer caregiver’ who gives thanks daily that her husband has been cancer-free for ten years.

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  • Congratulations! Grandmothering is one of my favorite things to do. A special thing with one of my granddaughters that we started when she was probably 2 or 3, is that I let her help me make pancakes for breakfast when they visit. She’s 10 yrs. old now and still loves to help, although she can do a lot of it by herself now. I love being with all my grandchildren (13 of them ranging in age from 4 to 12). One thing they all love is when I read to them. 🙂 Blessings to you, Anita!
    Gayl Wright recently posted…Being Present in the SnowMy Profile

  • Beautiful! and Congratulations! I don’t have many (if any) grandmother memories, and I’m not one yet either (thankfully). I suppose my best thought would be … that you are so blessed to just be present in their lives!

  • I enjoyed playing tea with my granddaughter and doing art work with her. She is so sweet. I also loved how she would bring every book off her shelf for me to read when she was younger. Congratulations on your new status. 😉
    Mary Hill recently posted…My Present : On the MountaintopMy Profile

  • Congrats! So so exciting. I love babies so I may have squealed a loud when I read your fun news. You are going to be an awesome Grandma.
    Tara recently posted…Present and Accounted ForMy Profile

  • That is so awesome! Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear all the great stories that will come from this adventure! YAY! 🙂
    Rachel recently posted…In All Our Moments…My Profile

  • i associate grandfathering with lots of laughter! our grands are very funny:) they range in age from 3-13. we are rarely able to get everyone together at the same time, but they are all blessed with humor and interesting observation abilities…causing some rather interesting questions to come up as well as unique comments. life is never dull:)
    martha brady recently posted…TAKE OFF YOUR MASK AND NO ONE WILL GET HURT!…My Profile

  • Don Strawn

    Oh my, better start calling “Old Man” again! I guess I’m not any more ready for grand Poppy status than you are ready for grandmotherhood !
    But I guess that’s the risk one takes in starting a family.
    Welcome to the Quetip club!
    Love you, Poppy Don

  • Barbara

    My great grandma was a wonderful old fashioned woman with cotton dresses, stockings and aprons. She had a box of old fashioned toys in the corner of her old fashioned living room, along with a shelf of stories. But the memory I treasure the most, was her walking me through her yard teaching me the names of the old fashioned flowers she grew. Pansies, peonies and roses are now even sweeter because they come with a loving memory of her. I knew to my very depths that she loved me, and I miss her to this day.

  • Well, I’m not a grandmother…nor a grandfather…and I have no memory of my grandparents.

    But Bella is cool.
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser recently posted…Your Dying Spouse 109 – Faith Is Now {FMF}My Profile

  • I love this! You’ll be the best grandma ever. 😀 And Dad the best grandpa.

  • Congrats at becoming a grandma in waiting.

  • Congratulations! What a thrill! Best memory — swinging on the front porch swing and talking about life with my grandmother. ????
    Dianne Thornton recently posted…Laying Down The Conductors BatonMy Profile

  • Awww….congratulations, Anita! Such an awesome birth announcement. Love it. One of my favorite memories with my mamaw (as a lot of us Southerners call our grandma) is making Jello with her. I loved it when she would pull out her mixing bowl and a box of “nervous pudding” – as she called the gelatin dessert. Whenever I go to a buffet restaurant even now I always have to get a couple of cubes of Jello. 🙂

    ~#9 this week
    Lynete recently posted…(FMF Friday) PresentMy Profile

  • Congratulations! Our little grandson is 21 months now. He was born unexpectedly (no previous problems or indications) at 29 1/2 weeks at 3 lbs. 6 oz. and spent the next 10 1/2 weeks in the NICU. Such a long, emotionally charged time. But you’d never know it to look at him now. One of the things I most looked forward to was reading to him, and he is starting to get into books now. Such fun!
    Barbara H. recently posted…Friday’s Fave FiveMy Profile

  • How exciting! Congratulations on the little one that will be out in the world soon. My favorite grandma story is hard to pick, mainly because I had such a wonderful time with her, I can’t seem to narrow it down. She made me feel special and loved. It was a joy to spend lots of time with her and I miss her terribly.

  • Anita,

    How exciting and Congratulations 🙂 One of my favorite memories with my maternal grandmother is when we went to visit her and I was 5 years old and she’s holding my hand as we walk to the store in the morning. Blessings to you….and what a cute birth announcement!
    Dolly@Soulstops recently posted…How a nonconformist chooses joy -3My Profile

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