Crisp-as-Bacon Rage

Psalm 61:2

…continued from yesterday.

Sarah’s long night in the emergency room almost ended in disaster. Only through an act of God did she finally end up where she needed to be. Let me explain.

After arriving at the hospital, Sarah continued to act erratic. She went from chatty compliance to crisp-as-bacon rage without warning. The situation bored her. Her circumstances outraged her. The world had conspired against her.

Back at home, I slept fitfully in between startling awake with the urge to pray fervently. I desperately wanted to know what had happened after Sarah’s aunt took her to the ER—but it took awhile for the story to fall into place.

At one point, the orderlies put Sarah in restraints. At another point, Sarah’s aunt gave her back her phone and she took selfies and posted them on Facebook. She also initiated a conversation with one of my prayer warrior friends who let me know that Sarah was still in the hospital and very angry, but ok.

Despite telling Sarah that they would hold her for 72 hours because she presented as suicidal, the hospital staff had started discharge proceedings some time early in the morning.

Sarah had burned so many bridges with her aunt and uncle that they didn’t feel able to invite her back into their home until she made changes and committed to seeking help and getting better. At the time, Sarah still hadn’t acknowledge that anything ailed her—she could only see that she wanted out of her immediate situation.

About the time her aunt started wondering what she should do with Sarah upon discharge, two people from the St. Helena Hospital Center for Behavioral Health showed up at the hospital for a consult. God arranged the timing and the people that he sent.

According to my sister-in-law, within five minutes of observing Sarah whilst she spoke to a doctor from the center, his companion identified what ailed Sarah based on her responses to the doctor’s questions: She looked sad one minute and the next minute laughed immoderately while answering questions about her birthday and place of residence.

The man who accompanied the doctor explained to my sister-in-law that Sarah demonstrated the classic signs of bi-polar affective disorder.

I, too, have no idea how Sarah actually arrived at the St. Helena Hospital Center for Behavioral Health.
I do know that her hospital bill for the 14 hours she spent in the ER totaled over $6000.00.

I do know the exact time of her admission to the psychiatric hospital: 10:45 am, March 11, 2015.

I do know that the facility operates under the auspicious of a Christian health care system—and I knew that God would place his people in her path.

I knew nothing about bi-polar affective disorder.

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…to be continued.

Anita currently teaches English to 7th-12th graders. She describes herself as a ‘recovering cancer caregiver’ who gives thanks daily that her husband has been cancer-free for ten years.

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  • Words simply fail me, Anita. The transparency you and Sarah have lived in documenting this is an inspiration (and gave me the strength to write my ‘bacon’ FMF post this week), and it’s a beacon of hope to the world.

    I hope that many, many people read this, and think hard on the people in their lives…or think hard on their own souls.
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser recently posted…Your Dying Spouse 76 – Heart Like Bacon {FMF}My Profile

  • I am so wrapped up in this story, I check every morning to see if you have posted lol. SO happy to see it taking a turn towards diagnosis and help!!
    Melissa recently posted…#Struggles by Craig GroeschelMy Profile

    • Mari-Carmen Gallego

      I feel the same way. Today’s entry was just too short 🙂

      • You crack me up, Mari-Carmen :). I was supposed to write it in five minutes (I do a weekly link-up with an awesome group of bloggers called Five-Minute Friday–the hostess gives the prompt and our job is to write for five minutes and publish–today’s prompt was BACON–can you imagine how long it took me to figure out how I would work that word into the story 😉 ).
        Anita Ojeda recently posted…Has My Daughter Lost Her Mind?My Profile

  • Today’s post, more than any other, caught me dead in my tracks. Reading that diagnosis and knowing its journey. Oh and “crisp as bacon rage” that description is so spot on. So glad you finally got a diagnosis and started towards healing. I’m parked in the #2 spot.
    Tara recently posted…You’re Just Going to Have to Give Me Grace, Friends!!My Profile

  • What a miracle. She needs some strong help. I gather that you are writing everyday on the subject of caregiving. I’m glad we awe FMF neighbors.

  • Love how you fit that “word” into your series post for today! Thanks for sharing your journey and Sarah’s story!
    Barbara recently posted…Day 30 – 2015 – BACON {FMF}My Profile

  • Wow! I want to encourage you to continue this story after 31 days is over tomorrow. You have so many of us hooked and we are praying you through this real life challenge that you have faced.

    PS. I love how you tied in “bacon”. Love you girl!
    Mary Geisen recently posted…What is Your Call to Courage? ~ Day 30My Profile

    • Thank you for the prayers and encouragement, Mary! Sarah is willing to continue helping me out and continue with the story. I had no idea the story would stretch over 31 days and beyond when we started back on the first. I guess that God has a way of prodding us into action and then providing us with what we need to continue!
      Anita Ojeda recently posted…When Your Daughter Chooses to Live in an AirportMy Profile

  • What an ordeal! I love your description: crisp on bacon rage. I can picture it right now. Love your mission & words. Thanks for visiting me:).
    Christina Hubbard recently posted…Please, God, Let There Be {Bacon} // Day 30My Profile

  • I was suspicious of bi-polar disorder. DO NOT conclude this series without ending even if it goes another week!
    Susan Shipe recently posted…day 30: truthMy Profile

  • How infuriating that they were looking to discharge when she was so clearly unwell! Praise God for His provision. That is massively fast cycling for bipolar disorder (I work in mental health). Glad that it sounds like she ended up somewhere helpful.
    Jodi recently posted…My Capacity as a WriterMy Profile

  • Poppy Don

    I don’t know, but I think a title like “To Hell and back – A Journey” would be more appropriate or fitting.

  • What an ordeal! I can’t wait to read the rest! Keep writing!
    Robyn recently posted…Desperate to Hear GodMy Profile

  • I’ve missed a lot of your posts, but I marked it as one to follow! I definitely want to go back and fill in the missing pieces. We are on the edge of our seats here! Blessings to you!

  • I’m so glad God sent just the right person at the right time. I came believe the hospital was getting ready to discharge her. And $6,000 for 14 hours?! Incredible!
    Barbara H. recently posted…31 Days With Elisabeth Elliot: Book List and Memorial VideoMy Profile

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