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The beautiful green scenery offers rest for the soul!

The beautiful green scenery offers rest for the soul!

I’m joining Kate Motaung’s Five Minute Friday and today’s prompt word is Green.

Having a sick child is worrying.

Going through chemotherapy with a four and then a five year old is anxiety producing.

Spending hours in a hospital listening to Dora the Explorer and Bambi is mind numbing.

Driving and hour and a half and then standing by a gurney while your child receives a spinal tap is draining (pun intended).

The worry, the anxiety, the brain fog and everything had only one thing, truly, that offset them.

Time with God, but most especially time with God on my morning walk along a river lined with evergreen trees and backed by mountains.

The beautiful river along my morning walk

The beautiful river along my morning walk

I cannot even find word to explain the peace and comfort thisy2 ½  mile walk gave me.  The soothing color of blue and green from the river, the mountains, the trees and the sky calmed my soul and the sheer, breathtaking beauty reminded me, every single time, of my Creator God’s incredible love and power.

When people would come and visit they would remind me, “Don’t ever take this view for granted, it’s incredible here.”  And every single time, I would smile and think to myself:  No chance.  This peace was made for me by God and it is a blessing that helps get me through everything.  He and I walk this road.  Sure, sometimes others walk with me too, but this road has heard my tears and my laughs, my worries and my tiredness, my anxiety and my hope.  I am blessed!

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  • I love this. I feel that peace in certain special places in my life too. I’m so thankful for this places.
    Tara recently posted…“Grace Like Rain”My Profile

  • So beautiful. I am glad you found a road full of evergreens and peace from God. 😉
    Mary Hill recently posted…Laughter Brings RedemptionMy Profile

  • Wow! What a beautiful testimony of a space where God met you over and over. I enjoyed this post.
    Alesha recently posted…Day 16: Active LearningMy Profile

  • That is an amazing view. I also find peace on walks in nature but don’t get a chance often enough. Well done for protecting that time in the midst of such difficult circumstances.
    Jodi recently posted…What does my house have to do with capacity?My Profile

  • Yeah, Dora can fry your brain, and Bambi can make one long for venison…

    I am so glad you had that breathing space.

  • Discovered this post within the FMF of today 11/20/15. I visited Anita, and perhaps you linked with her for 31 days!? I’m a mom of a 6 year old son. We are doing an intensive feeding therapy program daily at our children’s hospital. How is your son now? I am reading forward in the days to find out where your son and Anita’s daughter are now. The green returns or does it die? I’m so saddened by the stories of parents who struggle. We do. It is so hard. Yet, God is there to revive us to move on. Thank you for posting! jenn
    jennifer recently posted…Dwell, Because Pausing is NecessaryMy Profile